A Cut Above

Yesterday I bought myself a new pair of scissors. It isn’t because I don’t own any  😀 !

I have paper scissors, kitchen sheers, tiny appliqué scissors, pinking sheers… you name it, I probably own it!

I have my first pair of Ginghers that I still keep in their original box, and use on special occasions. Like when I needed an artsy self-portrait for our Threadbender’s blog (Click here to meet the members of this very creative group!)

A little corny, but I bet it made you smile!

I have serrated scissors that are great for trimming layers without shifting (I tried to get a pic of the serrated edge in the close up to the right).

I have duck-billed appliqué scissors that protect the fabric under the blade.

And I was even given a pair of scissors made to cut batting.

But the ones I use the most, and are by far my favorites, are my Fiskars™  “micro tip, easy-action” scissors.

They have been used A LOT!!! They have a spring feature that causes them to open automatically after you make a cut, which is really easy on the hands. The slide lock broke within the first year, so they are always open, but I don’t mind, because they are oh-so sharp. Or at least they were  😥

So it was time to treat myself to a new pair!

I can’t wait to tear them open. I will be saving them for close trim work – like when I do my Repliqué technique. But the old ones are dear friends and will live next to my machine for cutting threads and other simple tasks.

And one last thing – actually a warning:

Don’t use them while sitting on an exercise ball. I used to sew on one because it was good for my balance, but I had the misfortune of bumping my favorite scissors off the table and – you guessed it – that very sharp point punctured the ball and I ended up on the floor – LOL!

What scissors are your favorites! Please respond and tell us why!


And one more thing! I received an email from the National Quilters Circle website. You can learn all about them on their website: https://www.nationalquilterscircle.com/ . Their email said that I had been nominated for their “Best Overall Quilting Blog Award”.

I’m surprised and honored. They said in their email to me that I could share this info on my blog to continue to be nominated. If you like my blog, and are interested in participating, please go to: https://go.nationalquilterscircle.com/b13184/. Thanks!

8 Opinions

  • Patti Neavin said:

    I LOVE my Gingher 5″ tailor point scissors. Perfect for almost everything.

  • Nancy Hansen said:

    I’m with you, Chris. I have a lot of scissors, but always go back to my Fiscars. I think I have five pairs of them.

  • Mary miller said:

    My favorite is this micro tip too, although the big scissors which is spring loaded is good too for big cutting jobs.

  • Barb said:

    MY old grey Fiskars is my favorite. Lives in my kit with a rubber band around the handle to keep it out of trouble. I livened it up a bit with one of the small Fiskars orange sharpeners which are very hard to find these days. Time for a new one to add to my collection, tho’ one of my friends has gifted me with two micro-serrated models that are great for fine work. Wear out scissors the fastest just cutting thread, whether hand or machine sewing or embroidery. Keep the cheapo plastic-handled scissors for casual paper or household use.

  • Marcia Singer said:

    Fiskars, the good ole orange one. Light weight and just had them sharpened. Save my Gingers for good also.

  • Barb Setzer said:

    I was unaware that Fiskars products are guaranteed for life. I had a rotary cutter and the safety button broke. I sent a picture of the broken one and they sent me a replacement. I love their products. It was the only thing I had a problem with.

  • Jan Hartwig said:

    My Fiskars micro tip fell once and I caught it between my legs. Yes, the tips cut a hole in my jeans and my leg. But I still love them. I have two pairs, and one doesn’t stay shut anymore unless I put the little protector on the end. I think they are my favorite scissors. BTW, I participated in the nominations on National Quilter’s Circle. Good luck!


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