Apples, Buttons, and Dachsunds – Oh My!

I got some great responses to last week’s blog post about Vicki’s red patch (click here to read all about it). Three of the quilters who wrote me were happy to send me pictures of their quilt “trademarks”, and I think they’ll make you smile.

Here’s Connie’s story:

“I don’t know if it was forethought on my part, but, as a primary teacher I always marked my students papers with an apple. I’ve carried this through on most of my quilt labels, which are in the shape of an apple, with a stem and a leaf usually using 3 different fabrics used in the quilt. On smaller pieces, I simply ink in an apple at the end of my name. My grandchildren are the recipients of many of my quilts. They always look for the apples and the message Gram wrote just for them.”

and these are 3 of her apple labels:

This is what Lorraine sent me:

“Long before I began quilting I was collecting buttons…LOTS of buttons (over 100,000)! So when I started quilting I decided I had to incorporate buttons somewhere. I decided to put buttons on each label, except on baby quilts, of course.” 

I try to be creative with how and where I use the buttons, but sometimes the best I can do is match the color of the backing!” 

The previous quilts incorporated the labels in their maker’s “trademark”. Liz, like Vicki last week, puts her mark on the front of the quilt. Here’s her story:

“My now 98 year old aunt suggested I always put something on my quilts to mark them as mine. My love for dachshund dogs has caused me to hide one somewhere on each quilt I have done. Pork Chop was my inspiration (at top on the photo). After he passed in 2014, we got Rusty, who looks very similar but thinner.”

And here are some of her quilts:

Did you find the doggie on this last quilt? He’s at Mary’s feet in the nativity  😀 .

What clever ideas – and so very unique. Great job ladies. Thanks so much for sharing your quilts with us!


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