Designing Fabric – A Mermaid Quilt

I know a number of quilters who have their own photographs/designs printed on fabric through Spoonflower. com. I’ve always found it intriguing, but didn’t have the perfect project in mind. A few weeks ago Louise came to my Open Lab class with a project in mind, but no idea how to do it. So I decided to do a trial run of my own – but what did I want to have printed on fabric? That same day Mike and I were out for a ride and the sky was beautiful. We pulled over and I took a few photos. I thought this one would be lovely as a yard of fabric:

So I got on the website, created an account, and clicked on: “Design”, “Design Your Own”, and then “Upload Fabric Design”. The step-by-step directions are quite easy to use. You can choose the fiber content of your fabric and the size you’d like (fat quarter or yard). The first time you order they offer a discount. I chose premium cotton and the cost of my first yard of fabric came to about $15 with the discount. I was very pleased:

I’m not sure what I’ll do with it, but it will be used  🙂 .

So I told Louise, and the rest of the class, how well it worked. Her great-niece Olivia had drawn this mermaid and, as you can see, she asked Aunt Louise to make it into a quilt.

Louise doesn’t have a photo editing program on her computer, so I put Olivia’s drawing into Photoshop™, cropped and resized it, then added a watery background at Louise’s request (I’m really enjoying the challenge of learning how to use Photoshop™).

I then created a 40″ x 36″ image with 8″ block repeats, and added a few white background mermaids in the extra space.

In the lower left corner I pasted Olivia’s request to be used in the label.

The large white area on the lower left makes it look like there’s nothing there, but the white fabric does go to the corner.

Louise was very pleased with the fabric. I can’t wait to see Olivia’s quilt!

Spoonflower also has a lot of fabrics available for sale that others have printed, plus they sell these designs as wallpaper or gift wrap too. It’s a fun site to browse through.

Have you used Did you create your own fabric or purchase someone else’s unique fabric? Have you made anything from it? I’d love to see pictures :-D!


And here’s a little FYI  🙂 :

Whenever I post something you would like to save, you can either “bookmark” that page on your computer, or print it out. I know many quilters like a hard copy with color pictures and, if your device is attached to a printer, it’s only a click away. Simply click on the “print me” under the post title (circled in red with an arrow):

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I hope this is helpful!

4 Opinions

  • Chris Sommerfelt said:

    I recently had Spoonflower print a yard of fabric for me based upon an abstract alcohol Ink painting I had done. I had it printed on Kona Cotton. I felt the colors were not as intense as I would have liked, but otherwise it was fun to see my artwork originally on paper reproduced on cloth.

  • Mary Tobolski said:

    The mermaid fabric is so darn cute. Made my heart feel good!

  • Margit Kagerer said:

    I used Spoonflower when they were a small company. They improved a lot and have so many choices of fabrics now. If you want better colors you can always enhance a bit with a photo editing program before you send your photo. The prices are reasonable. It is much easier than doing your own printing.

  • Laurie said:

    Chris & Louise! Darling fabrics. Now I am looking forward to seeing them made into quilts. I know you both will do fabulous jobs! So fun….Laurie


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