A Unique Quilt Show

On October 13th I left early in the morning to present a 1:30 lecture at the:


Autumn was in full swing and the sun rising through the trees was beautiful.

Spring Grove is a lovely small town in the southeastern corner of Minnesota, and the entire 3½ hour ride was very enjoyable, both going and coming home. I left early in the morning so I’d have time to see the show before I was to speak. I had wondered why it was billed as a “Quilt Show and Sale”, but assumed there was a vendor mall with items for sale – like most quilt shows. I was surprised to discover that, not only did they have a nice group of vendors, but all the quilts in the show were for sale! From Autumn table runners to king sized, hand quilted, Lone Stars (made by the local Amish women), there was something for everyone!

I was intrigued by their simple hanging system – clothes hangers! No sleeves required.

This even worked when hanging quilts double – they simply clamped the hangers top and bottom and linked the hooks:

Many of the quilts contained preprinted panels, pieced together in interesting ways. I especially liked this pair of table runners:

I presented my Gradation Play lecture, and was so pleased to see that Mary Deters, the quilter who made the arrangements for my visit, had a quilt in the show using a lovely blue gradation in the background:

The Amish women, some of whom had quilts in the show, also provided lunch and desserts.

And they were as yummy as they look (I did ask permission to take this picture, as I know these dear people do not like to be photographed).

Thank you to all of the Spring Grove quilters for inviting me to be a part of your wonderful show!

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