Capital Quilters – North Dakota

Last weekend I had the exciting privilege to be the “National Teacher” at the Capitol Quiltfest in Bismarck, North Dakota. What a delightful group of quilters – and a wonderful show! I was blessed not only with the opportunity to teach 3 workshops and judge the quilts, but I also presented my Quilt Tales lecture at the Saturday banquet. What fun!

These are photos of some of my favorite quilts in the show:

The use of value in the barn quilt by Amy Munson is spectacular!

Great pieced and appliquéd quilts!

And so much variety!

The quilt to the left in this photo won Best of Show, and the modern one on the right, by Stepanie Mart won Viewer’s Choice.

The Best of Show quilt: Bouquets for a New Day, was made by Karen Boe, and quilted by Barbara Simons. All aspects were very well done. I was especially intrigued by the detailed quilting which was as intricate as thread-painting in some areas (note purple feathers below) and yet the quilt hung flat!

The dear woman who organized my visit and carted me around, Marlene Sapa, was the featured quilter of the show. She had an exhibit of her work and it was beautiful.

I learned a few things from the students in my Beyond Meandering workshop. One was that some basting sprays (used to hold the quilt sandwiches we stitched on together) caused skipped stitches – so beware! Another was a Laura Heine idea shared by Jenny:

When making sample quilt sandwiches to practice free-motion quilting – use your 50% off coupon at JoAnn’s and buy pre-quilted muslin fabric. What a great idea! The pre-quilted lines can be ignored. Just cut to the right size and begin!

I so enjoy watching the students try out the various patterns and find the ones they like to stitch.

The last day of the show I taught Beginning Fiber Art. This is a class for traditional quilters who don’t know if they can make art quilts, but who want to try. Everyone gets a new, “artsy” name and I bring an overflowing suitcase of my Parallelisms quilts.

It’s always exciting to see what everyone creates. There are contemplative moments:

But there are also moments of joyful discovery and play:

Thank you everyone at the Quilt fest – I had a marvelous time!


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