New Year’s Smiles and Upcoming Classes

Teaching Quilting is one of the greatest blessings in my life. I’ve met so many wonderful people, learned far more than I’ve taught, visited fascinating places, and made dear friends. I’m grateful God planned it to be a part of my life, because I certainly hadn’t.

As I travel and teach I often come upon quilts and their makers that are simply too interesting or amusing not to share. This happened once again a few weeks ago when I was invited to present my “But I Still Love You” lecture for the Crazy Quilters in Mukwonago, WI. It just happened to be their Christmas party and the appetizer/dessert potluck was delicious. I think the guild enjoyed seeing my antique quilts and hearing their stories.

After the talk came show and tell. I love show and tell, and this group didn’t disappoint. There were many lovely quilts, but the two that stole the show were from Jean Cruikshank. They were made by her mom, Wilma Elkhart, and found in her belongings as Jean and her 4 brothers and sisters prepared for mom to move into assisted living. Jean said the first one was made from favorite shirts/sweaters that had belonged to Jean and her siblings:

Wilma had a rather unique and straightforward method for including the garments! The “dots” are actually the tied knots holding the comforter together, and it gave us all a bit of a chuckle. 

Then Jean brought out Wilma’s second creation. It’s made from the dresses she wore for her’s and her children’s weddings. Prepare yourself…

Admit it – you smiled. Many of us in the room laughed out loud. The entire garments were stitched in place, then the layers were tied together once again.

I really have never seen anything quite like it. Thanks Jean, for letting me share these delightful “quilts”.


As a new year approaches it’s always fun to try something new. So let me tell you about 4 all day workshops I have scheduled for the upcoming semester at WCTC. 

Pinwheel Strips

Friday, January 25, 9 – 2:30

Silhouette Applique

Friday, February 22, 9 – 2:30

Spin Star

Friday, March 15, 9 – 2:30

Paintstik Fun

Friday, April 12, 9 – 2:30


I’d also like to tell all the local Wisconsin quilters about two new teachers at WCTC. Nan Feurer will be teaching 4 quilting workshops this semester and Fatun Mohomed will be teaching garment construction. You can read about all of our classes and register on-line at

Simply type “quilt” or “sewing” into the “Course Search” box and then click on “Find Courses”. 


And, just to let you know, I will be taking a 2 week vacation from my blog beginning this week. Wendy and I leave Wednesday to take a group of quilters and friends on a cruise around Hawaii. We are really looking forward to getting away to warmth and sunshine – and I’ve decided the computer won’t be going along. 

Happy New Year one and all!

5 Opinions

  • Sandy said:

    Lucky you,
    Please show us what you created when you are back.

  • Seamsmith said:

    Good for you for leaving the computer behind for your cruise. As much as we love to read your blog every Sunday, time away from the computer is a very good thing. Looking forward to pictures from your cruise when you get back. Enjoy!!

  • Renee Watry said:

    Have a wonder vacation

  • Karen said:

    I am looking forward to going on the Sew We Go cruise with you. I know we will have a great time.

  • Jodi Grzeczka said:

    Another “fellow cruiser”, I was also at the guild meeting when you were there. That was a really fun evening, both the party, and your lecture. Can’t wait til we meet up in Hawaii! Travel safe!


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