Our Hawaiian cruise was a sunny, fun and fascinating time in paradise. It may be over, but I have so many wonderful memories and I’d like to share a few with you!

Wendy and I began our trip with a few days in Honolulu simply getting use to the warmth and sunshine. By day two we were ready to walk to the top of Diamond Head.

That evening the rest of our group joined us and the next morning we were on our first tour – to Pearl Harbor. It was a very moving experience.

From there we boarded the Pride of America (how fitting). There were 40 of us total and it was a fun and friendly group.

We visited 5 ports of call on 4 islands and were blessed to see volcanos, waterfalls, rain forests, sandy beaches, along with macadamia nut, cocoa and coffee plantations. This trip had it all!

Fern Grotto flat bottom boat ride in Kauai
Napali Coast

Some of us were even able to swim under a waterfall!

Not only were the flora and fauna beautiful, but we found a few quilt shops along the way:

Yellow Hibiscus – the State flower
Quiltina just can’t resist a bit of photo-bombing!

Our class time went well. All participants had great results with their Hawaiian Paintstik Appliqué projects.

And we even threw in some extra fun – making fabric origami shirts to be kept as Christmas ornaments. A lovely reminder of the trip.

I will be sharing some additional photos and inspiration in the next few blog posts, but today I’d like to leave you with this lovely sunset view.


And one final note:

I came upon this information recently and I’d like to share it before I forget. In my free motion quilting classes we talk a lot about machine tension. In Bob’s latest email from Superior Threads he posted a great handout on thread tension, complete with easy to understand diagrams. Click here to see it – and print it out!

7 Opinions

  • Barbara May said:

    what a wonderful trip

  • Mary Ann Crow said:

    How lovely! Thank you for the tour 🙂

  • Mary Miller said:

    Hawaii is a great place to visit. Brings one to many wonders on this Earth of ours.

  • Karen Moe said:

    Can you share details of how to do the paintstik project?

    • clkquilt admin

      I will be doing a class in this technique at Waukesha County Technical College on April 12th. I’ll put it on my list to do a blog post in the near future for all those who don’t live nearby.

  • Sue Barchus said:

    How blessed you were to be able to make that trip & then share the beautiful photos with us. Looking forward to seeing more photos!

  • Laurie Neubauer said:

    Thank you for sharing the pictures and info from your Hawaii Quilt Trip. I loved the origami shirt ornaments. Would there be a chance for you could show us how to make those? They are darling and I’d love to give some to my family and card club at Christmas.
    Been to Hawaii 3 times now and have wonderful memories. It’s a long trip to get there but once there you forget all your worries in the aroma, aura and sounds of the beauty of Hawaii that you never want to leave. (my husband just wanted to sit at the ocean front and watch the waves and whales go by- me, I was in the quilt shops or Banyan Park in Lahaina, Maui at the art fair)
    Thank you for sharing and am looking forward to more pictures.
    Laurie N.


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