Project Creep

After posting the pictures on Monday I pulled everything off the shelves/counters and decided to really clean and organize. In class yesterday at WCTC, Cindy shared the expression “Project Creep” (referred to as PC from now on :-). She said this is when you begin doing something small (fix sewing table) and it escalates step by step into lots of work and, usually, a fair amount of unplanned expense. BINGO! She hit the nail on the head. Then Jean added that the good part is we feel so virtuous once it’s done. I’m almost there :-)!

Mike did a wonderful job repairing my table. We took the old tv to the recylcing center and in it’s place I now have a 19″ flat screen that weighs almost nothing and has a great picture, but it needed to be elevated. So Mike and I had to go antiquing (one of our favorite pastimes) and we found a great “explosives” crate with dovetail joints. It was only $25. Do I hear “project creep”? Its a handy place to keep all the essentials close at hand and provides space under the tv I didn’t have before.

But the tv was still too low, so I raised it up on an old wood case my dad (a retired dentist) inherited with his first practice. It was meant to hold the plastic teeth used to make dentures, but I discovered its a perfect place to keep my button collection! Now the tv is at the right level and I’m much more organized!


My threads had been in “Matchbox Car” cases and I used to love the organization they provided, but I found I was always opening, closing and flipping boxes to find what I needed. Thus, I had to hit the store for a plastic drawer unit that went where the microwave had been. I love the ease of finding threads now! More “PC” expense, but that virtuous feeling is making it all worthwhile.

The microwave is now at the end of the counter, the counter and shelves are dusted and organized and I’ve only got that small (relative term) pile of stuff left in the middle of the room I really don’t know what to do with.

I plan to have that gone by lunch. I wonder if it’s going to cost me any more “PC” cash??? 

Thanks to Cindy and Jean for their input. Anyone else have a great organizing/storage tip they’d like to share?

(a 2pm addition to the original post)

Eureeka!!! The pile’s gone, the carpet’s vacuumed and it’s only 2 hours past lunch. Talk about feeling virtuous. I think I need a cup of tea and a piece of dark chocolate :-)!

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  • Bonnie Camp said:

    It looks great! I got this idea from Pattie Martin when I was in her basement sewing room. She uses hangers with clips on them to hold her finished block sets Or those in progress, so that she can see and find them when she wants them. I use a portable hanging rack for the same now. It is sturdy enough to hold quilt tops and backs together on hangers that are waiting to be layered into quilts. Now my UFOs are not lost in the depths–and are there to keep me on task when I get distracted by those wonderful quilt teachers at WCTC! bonnie

  • sheila said:

    Love your space, don’t hubbies make geat handymen don’t know what I’d do without mine. As far as the fabric on the floor if its ufo’s and you want to finish them. I put them in trays and work my way though and if your not going to finish them donate to a guild exchange. We do this at our club and have tons of fun.”One Ladies junk is anothers treasure.”

  • adunate said:

    Looks nice Chris! Love the dentist box. And your photography’s coming through so nice. Now if I could get myself to do the same organizing in my design studio!

  • Laura said:

    Time to start the Blues!!

  • Sarah B. said:

    inspiring! Not just the ideas for how to store things but the lovely neatness of it all. My areas are disasters once again. When I clean them up then I don’t want to mess them up getting stuff out. i have to get over that because working in an organized are is so much easier and I don’t spend half my time looking for something “I know is here somewhere”.

  • Sharon said:

    Floor, floor, I see the floor. When you can see the floor, you know the job is done. Great day.

  • maryjean haynes said:

    Your sewing room is very nice indeed. It inspires me to go clean up just one area, and then I will feel better. Maybe then I will clean up just one more area…and so on…coffee and choc. might need to be first. Those pants hangers are good for hanging up just laundered new fabrics when still damp dry. mj


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