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I’m thrilled to be sharing some very exciting news with you. I’ve been invited to lead a tour to the International Great Quilt Festival in Tokyo, Japan, this coming January – and I’d love to have you join me!

This has been on my “bucket list” for years, but I really never thought I’d have the opportunity to actually go there. A woman I met several years ago plans travel adventures for quilters. She just returned from this exact trip and invited me to lead it for her next year. Besides spending two days at the Quilt Festival in the Tokyo Dome (and staying in the attached hotel), we’ll be touring many of the most interesting sites in Japan and taking classes from Japanese quilters and fiber artists!

The following quote about the quilt show is from a website called Quiltripping. You may read the enitre post at: https://quiltripping.com/visit-tokyo-international-quilt-festival-even-dont-quilt/.

“The annual Tokyo Great International Quilt Festival presents the works of the best quilters in Japan. This is also the largest quilt show in the world, filling up the whole floor of the Tokyo Dome which is Tokyo’s indoor baseball and special events stadium. Roughly 250,000 Japanese and international visitors check out the quilts and special exhibits over the course of seven days. Apparently, this is the largest attended event in the Tokyo Dome (even beating out baseball).”

And, if experiencing the quilt show isn’t enough – we’ll spend a night at an Onsen hotel with views of iconic Mount Fuji.

We’ll visit the Fushimi Inari Shrine and see the magical, seemingly unending path of over 5000 vibrant orange torii gates that wind through the hills behind the Shrine.

We’ll take classes with Japanese artists in Shibori dyeing, Rocketsu
dyeing (a traditional wax-resist dyeing method),

and we’ll even learn to make sushi!

Our brochure with dates, prices, and all the details will be available in a very short time. Until then I’m compiling an email list of anyone interested in joining me on this once in a lifetime adventure. If you’d like to receive more information as soon as it is available please email me at: .

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  • Mary Stahlman said:

    My daughter and I loved the 2018 Tokyo Quilt Show. We found it very helpful to be in the door when it opened for the day and look over the vendors first. They get crowded fast. Then we had the yummy bento box lunches while sittting where we could see the whole show layout. The glorious quilt displays came next. They were not crowded. We so enjoyed being up close to study the amazing techniques used on quilts, bags, and jackets. The featured artist was available to answer questions.
    Next we spent an afternoon in the fabric district at the “Tomato” fabric stores. A nearby department store had a free kimono fashion show! Ladies rent or buy kimono for family events. This trip was my very favorite.


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