Fishbowl Quilts & Pet Beds

A while back I posted about fabric storage and I shared a picture of the fishbowl I keep my smallest scraps in:

I’m currently in the midst of designing a project for the Spring semester at WCTC and it is in part a “fishbowl quilt”. The quilt is called Black, White and Bright and there are going to be numerous brightly colored, paper pieced, flying geese (perhaps I should call them flying fish) strips in it. I pulled all the bright hunks out of the bowl and have actually used some of them up!!!

As I cut off pieces too small to save I put them in a bag under my sewing table

and when I’ve filled enough bags, these schnibbles will all be sewn into an old pillowcase and donated to the local animal shelter as a pet bed. No waste!

I shared another fun use for the fishbowl scraps in a post over a year ago. If you need a smile, please click here :-).

Do you keep your schnibbles in a fishbowl? Do you have a better option?


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  • Rosemary Monfils said:

    I prefer saving my pieces so they can lay flat…less creases when I go to use them, so I use the plastic dollar store shoe boxes.

    Also I would like to comment on the fantastic quilt you had displayed at the Platteville Sewing & Quilt expo this year. Two quilts in one…how awesome!

    • clkquilt admin

      Good point about the scraps! I’m so glad you enjoyed the quilts in Platteville. It is a very nice exhibit and continues to hang at the UW gallery, just in case anyone else would like to see it :-).

  • sheilab admin

    Enjoyed very much your “fish bowl of scraps” idea. Must go down to the storeroom and look to see if our old fish bowl is still around. May have given to someone for their pets. Wouldn’t you know that if you decide to pitch something, a new use for it surfaces. If mine is still here, it soon will be a bright decorating idea on one of my sewing shelves. What a neat idea for storing saved pieces. Having it in a glass bowl would remind me of what I have and can use for some small problems! Loved the family pictures rolling in the scraps. Wonderful connections with your grandchildren that they will remember over time. Sincerely, Sheila B


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