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It’s time to revisit a previous topic: what’s your favorite notion? The last time this topic came up I shared my favorite and received some really good suggestions from many readers. Click here to read all about it!

Since then I’ve acquired even more quilting notions and I have a new favorite:

I recently received a Current Catalog and I always enjoy looking through the greeting cards, wrapping paper and clever gadgets they feature. This time I was especially glad I picked up the catalog because I found my newest “favorite notion”. It is called Peel and Stick Ruler Tape. The concept is simple: make a “real” measuring “tape” by printing 12″ rulers on yellow adhesive tape. When my order arrived I was thrilled to find it worked as well as I had hoped.

I placed it all the way along the lip of my sewing machine cabinet.

Then I decided I needed it along the edge of my mid-arm machine cabinet too.

I was on a roll (no pun intended) and quickly placed some along the desk in front of my computer keyboard. It is soooo handy!

No matter where I’m working I have a quick and convenient way to measure.

Mike is a bit concerned about where I’ll be placing the next length :-).


You may order your own roll on line at: http://www.currentcatalog.com/607153.html?AS=1&keyword=ruler+tape.

Sew………..what’s currently your favorite notion? Please share – I’d really like to know :-)!

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  • Barb J said:

    I love this, thanks for passing it along. Now I want to see the rest of the catalog too.

  • Lucinda Fenske said:

    I love to use something called “Touch’n Brow” from Sally’s Beauty Supply for seam ripping. Just slip the razor end between the two pieces of fabric and it cuts just the thread, not the fabric. So much easier than having to put the end of the seam ripper under every couple of stitches all along the seam.

    • Lynn Sterud said:

      I just got this product from Sally Beauty. It’s a facial razor (pack of 3) with just a thin blade to cut stitches between layers of fabric. This Works Great!!!
      For anyone who doesn’t have Sally Beauty nearby, I also saw the same kind of product at Target.

  • Juleen Jaeger said:

    My favorite notion is my brass stiletto! I can’t possibly sew without that “third” finger.

  • Gail Davenport said:

    Thanks for the info, Chris. The link you posted was off–this is the correct line: http://www.currentcatalog.com/607153.html?AS=1&keyword=ruler+tape

  • Lynn said:

    I’m a lefty and so cutting mats that are numbered left to right are more difficult to use with a rotary cutter. Just last week I found an adhesive backed, 12 foot tape measure in the tool department of Farm and Fleet for $4.87. I laid it at the edge of my cutting mat with the numbers going right to left. Now my cutting mat, which is 58″ x 33″ is just right for me. BTW! the product is called Komelon 12 foot, flat steel measuring tape with adhesive back. It cuts easily to the length needed.

    • Sonia Kendzierski said:

      I’m a righty, and the numbers often aren’t going the way I need them, either! Thanks for the info!

  • LaurabKrasinski said:

    This looks cool..I got the catalog and never even opened it. Right into the recycle bin…I don’t need to be tempted!!

    • Sonia Kendzierski said:

      Hey, I could be called a gadget girl – not so much as using all that I own, but I do have a few faves. This one has been around awhile, but now that I found one that is not only precise, but it has a light that shines directly where I aim! I use it mostly for removing bits of paper out of seam corners when finishing up “paper-piecing”, but also to remove bits of thread anywhere when I have used the dreaded but helpful seam ripper. No, this notion is NOT a seam ripper, although it resides right in front of which ever machine where ever I am sewing with a seam ripper and a thread snipper! It is a TWEEZER! Yes, I have found a precise LIGHTED tweezer! They can be found in many beauty departments, and mine is sure a beauty to use!


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