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A few weeks ago I posted about some of the amazing tile floors we saw in Italy and what wonderful quilt patterns could be found there. Two quilters wrote back on the subject. Lois Jarvis, a very talented quilter, quilting teacher, and  dear friend from Madison, WI, sent the following pictures of floors she saw on a trip to Venice (we, sadly, didn’t get that far north).

I found this floor very appealing and a much easier pattern than some of the floors I photographed. I can just see beautiful batiks alternating with the checkerboard blocks.

The 3 dimensional qualities of this one are intriguing.

If one could get the values right in this next one the effect would be stunning!

You can learn about Lois on her website: http://www.loisjarvisquilts.com/.

Terri Mattingly sent this picture of a quilt from Norah McMeeking‘s book “Bella, Bella Quilts”:

Terri then wrote me with this message and picture:

“Hi Chris, This is my own design.   This was inspired by an article in one of the quilting magazines I was getting.  I think Norah McMeeking was the subject of the article.  I studied pictures in the magazine and on websites and created this. Terri Mattingly”

Doesn’t this just make you want to do a “floor quilt”? I’ve had a few students in my Open Labs use patterns from Norah’s book also. They are rather labor intensive, but so beautiful. Thank you Lois and Terri!



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  • Lois Jarvis said:

    Happy Birthday to me!

  • Ellen Highsmith Silver said:

    Hi tasteful ladies. I have envied those gorgeous Italian tiled floors from afar. Lucky you for having seen them in person.

    here’s a biased suggestion: Check out my book, FLOORQUILTS for an easy way to achieve your goals. Seriously, it’s fabric decoupage on heavy canvas or RocLon’s Multi-Purpose Cloth – and works beautifully with batiks. I had a ball making two batik floorquilts for Hoffman Fabric’s booth at Quilt Market the year my book was introduced. Those batiks are yummy.

    Contact me with any questions.


  • nothy said:

    Oh what a fabulous post. I will definitely check out Nora’s designs!


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