A UFO Who’s Time Had Come

Back in the late 80’s, at the start of my quilting life, I participated in my first Round Robin Challenge. For those of you who are not familiar with this term: A number of quilters get together (usually 3 – 5) and they each begin with a block of their choosing. They exchange blocks and put a border on the one they get. Blocks continue to be exchanged and bordered until everyone has worked on each block once. Than the block originator gets hers back.

Well, my block in this first exchange was done in rusts, browns and greens, to go in my then living room. Here’s the top I received back and I had every intention of finishing it because I liked it!

round robin quiltFast forward 24 years. While my Mom and I were making Christmas cookies this past December, my stand mixer died (the second one in 36 years of marriage). Mike encouraged me to get a “good” one and for Christmas he bought me a KitchenAid! The model I chose came in 4 colors: red, blue, silver and black; none of which went in my rust and green kitchen (can you feel what’s coming?). I loved the red.

mixerBut it didn’t really go in my kitchen. Neither did it fit in my cabinets, and I didn’t want it to get dusty either. So…..I dug the ancient UFO out and it was just a bit small. In my stash I still had the remainder of a beige fabric I used in the original block (are you really surprised?). I added the border, quilted it with no batting, took in a few tucks, stitched on 2 buttons and …

stand mixer cover

It is ready and waiting for the baking mood to strike. That happens a lot less often than the quilting mood, but I must admit the first batch of peanut butter cookies were delicious!

Have you come up with a unique project for a UFO? Please comment and let us know!


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  • Lori M said:

    What a great idea! I really enjoy your uplifting blog. God bless you.

  • Jodi G said:

    Looks great. I also have a round robin UFO that has been lingering for 15 years as I am hand quilting it and keep adding more details. Maybe this is the year to finish it!

  • judy stowell said:

    What a great story Chris!!!! I love it!!!!

  • bonnie camp said:

    I love it, Chris. Color coordinating after all these years. You can go to your stash of ufo’s and make me a cover for my food processor any time you have some free time. I like florals. Soft creamy colors for the kitchen that I wish was really in Tuscany. bonnie

  • Mary admin

    I love it, it is a real wow in your kitchen. The cover I made years ago for my Kitchen Aide is just one fabric, before my quilting days.

  • Jeanie said:

    Hi Chris;

    How fun was that? A new appliance and a great use for an ancient UFO!

  • Pat G. said:

    Love the red Kitchen Aid and the UFO cover. Neat idea. I made a cover for my Kitchen Aid last year using my blacks and whites. Made a matching blender cover too. It was great to see the UFO hanging first, and then the mixer over.

  • Tari said:

    OK, love, love, love this idea. I am officially stealing it. I have just the UFO in mind, and my KitchenAid will be kicking it in style, too!! Thank you for sharing this and all the things you share. I love your blog.


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