Tradition With a Twist

I recently received an email from Ellen at the Wisconsin Historical Museum in Madison. She asked me to pass along information about a program coming up this week (see below). My connection with Ellen led me to a brand new lecture. Here’s the story:

Last winter I had an exhibit of my work at the Museum  (click on the purple writing to read about it :-)). I worked with Ellen and the Museum on hanging a group of my contemporary quilts (some made in collaboration with Sharon Rotz and Wendy Rieves) which were made as innovations of traditional patterns. I was also able to present a lecture to go along with the quilts. The talk was a hit, and it led to a treasure hunt. Mike and I like to go antiquing and I decided I wanted to collect vintage versions of my modern quilts. After an enjoyable search I have a new collection of old quilts and a new lecture tying them all together. The lecture is called “Tradition With a Twist” and in it I share the old quilts, the stories of their acquisition and patterns and my modern versions.

Here’s a picture of my pair of Bow Tie quilts, just to pique your interest:

Bow Tie quiltsIf your guild is looking for a program that offers something old and something new, please contact me!

And now for the Museum information:

History Sandwiched In: Civil War Quilts and Stories
Feb 19, 2013   12:15–1 pm
Quilts have changed in purpose and style over the generations. Some quilters make quilts for the main purpose of making art. These artists choose to use fabric as their medium instead of using paint, wood, metal or paper. Another purpose for quilts is to honor and remember. Whether big or small, quilts can make an impact in the lives of people. Join quilter Pat Ehrenberg as she shares her knowledge of the stories of quilts during the Civil War.

The museum will present this program in conjunction with the Dane County Regional Airport exhibition, “Wisconsin Folks: Masters of Tradition,” organized by the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Tandem Press and the Wisconsin Arts Board. The exhibit, which runs through March 2013, highlights the Arts Board’s Folk and Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Program.

Click  for more info on the Wisconsin Folks: Masters of Tradition series at the Museum:


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