I’ve Got a Notion to Chain Piece

Every so often I need to do a gadget post because I’ve found a new one I want to share. This one was a Christmas gift from Judy Rosynek, a friend of mine who’s a regular student in my Thursday Open Labs at WCTC. Judy is talented, prolific and very generous. You can usually find her working on charity quilts for children and these strip pieced projects typically require a lot of chain piecing. The tool she shared is called a Chain Ripper. It is an ingenious device that is made up of simple components and acts as a third hand.

I recently was making a log cabin variation quilt that just happened to be chain pieced:

chain piecing

While sewing all these squares and strips together I remembered Judy’s thoughtful gift. It consists of a seam ripper, a wooden spool and a heart shaped piece of wood which is velcro’d to the spool.

chain ripperTo use it you simply take the protective cap off the ripper, grasp 2 of the chain pieced blocks and pull the threads between them into the sharp area on the ripper, continuing until all the “chains” have been cut:

chain rippingIt really simplifies this tedious step. The Chain Ripper is sold by Tracy at Oak Tree Quilts. You can order one from her by going to her website: www.oaktreequilts.com.

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Do you have a new notion or gadget you find helpful? Please tell us about it and where to get it. Thanks!



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  • Judy admin

    Hi Chris:

    I am glad that you shared this notion with everyone. It is so simple, but it is really fast in getting all the chained blocks cut. Sharing is the nature of all quilters, heh?


  • Lucy admin

    Have seen that upright seam ripper before..great idea!
    I could not get along without Karen Kay Buckley’s circle makers. (“Perfect Circles” and “Bigger Perfect Circles”).she has two different assorted sizes, from 1/2″ to 4 1/2″ diameter. Mylar, can take a hot iron and good photo instructions.
    Lucy Zeldenrust


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