Talking Quilts

Do your quilts talk to you? I’ve discovered mine do and when I don’t listen, they usually don’t turn out as well. This is the story of a conversation I had with a recent quilt. A few weeks back I was piecing a quilt top for an upcoming class at WCTC. I’ve discovered that any class that involves some variation on Log Cabin will be popular, thus I need to make one of these every so often. Once the top was finished (and made totally from my stash :-)), I couldn’t decide which fabric to use for the border.

bordering quiltsI was really leaning towards the plaid (just because I think it’s pretty and I’ve been wanting to use it). I laid the fabrics out around the top and the quilt virtually screamed “use the paisley”!

bordering quiltsI, of course, asked “are you sure”? The quilt answered “yes”, so I decided I needed a second opinion and took it to Open Lab where the class ¬†unanimously voted for the paisley. Well, I gave in and added a 5″ paisley border with a 1/2″ dark green flange tucked into the seam for drama (if you’re unfamiliar with adding a flange, click here! This was a topic of conversation at my WCTC Open Lab this week :-)).

Go figure. The quilt was right!

quilt bordered

Do your quilts talk to you? Have you had an experience where you refused to listen? Please tell us about it.



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  • PatG said:

    Chris, this was fun to read. I don’t really know if I ‘listen’ to my quilts or not ‘listen’. But I think I would have been the ‘odd ball’ out here and used the PLAID. LOL So I guess I’m not a listener. Your quilt is very pretty and I love the design as I also love the log cabin variety. Love you blog.

  • Hazel admin

    Yes, and sometimes I don’t like what they say, but sure isn’t wise not to listen:). Could not help but notice the wooden spool on your chain piecing cutter..those aren’t around anymore….

  • kim t said:

    Right away I thought the paisley would make the best border…but…maybe you can use the plaid for the binding…cut on the bias…just a thought.

  • Lori Schloesser said:

    My quilts talk to me all the time.

    One time, I was congratulating myself that I had just enough fabric for the binding and wasn’t even thinking about consulting the wall hanging what it wanted, I just assumed that binding was the way to go. That poor wall hanging had to distract me so I cut the binding wrong (it couldn’t have been my mistake, now could it?) Only then did I consult the wall hanging with a “Now what?” and it said loud and clear “I WANT A FACING!”

    Of course it was right, facing was the way to go and the quilt was much better with the facing. After that, I made a promise to myself not to assume anything, but to consult the piece before I make a decision.


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