The Strip Stick and Quiltilly Saga part 3

I’m always on the lookout for new notions, gizmos or gadgets that work – and I’ve found a new one. Last year while in Paducah I watched a vendor demonstrate a pressing tool called the Strip Stick. It looked intriguing, but I had that ever popular thought: “I bet I can make myself one for less”. So I went home and forgot all about it. This year I watched the same demo, thought the same thought and the next day walked right back to the Strip Stick booth and bought one! I’m so glad I did! First of all – it works. Secondly – it is a great idea and I need to support those who developed it. Thirdly – it is well made, the price is fair and now I don’t need to try to make one :-).

The Strip Stick

Here’s the scoop: the Strip Stick is a narrow padded pressing stick used to crisply press seams open or to the side without distortion to adjacent seams. This is especially helpful when sewing many strips together into “strata”.

To press seams open they need to be ironed from the back.

Strip StickWhen pressing seams to one side, it can be done from either the the front or the back of the block.

Strip Stick to the sideWhat I really like about this tool is that when I press the seams to the side the edge of the seam allowance underneath is “over the hump and out of the way” and therefore I don’t get shiny lines on the right side of the fabric (a problem I have struggled with in the past).

To order your own Strip Stick go to

and now:

The Saga of Quiltilly, Part 3

In this week’s installment, Tilly is feeling better and settling into life in her temporary home.

Quiltilly and Quiltanna are enjoying this extra bit of time together. They are quite a mischievous team and Annabelle doesn’t seem to be enjoying their antics quite as much as they are:

Quilt dolls and dogAfter teasing the dog they decided to chill in the birdbath and enjoy the beautiful Spring weather:

Quilt dolls in bird bathThey even snuck in a slide down the banister:

MM P13q-bannister

Later that day Quiltilly went missing. Quiltanna and I looked all over the house to no avail and then I spied her out the window, sitting on the bird feeder:

J P13q-scaring-birds


By the time I got out the door she had disappeared. She didn’t return until morning and what a shock – she had a nose ring (a Swarovski crystal no less)!


I wasn’t sure what to do and sent a message to Evelyn:

“You may want to come up with that ransom soon. QuilTilly snuck out last night and got her nose pierced. I’m afraid she’s a bad influence on my little QuiltAnna! Ps she’s also started wearing makeup!”

to which she responded:

“I’m gathering up the diamonds.  Can’t schedule the exchange until next week.  She will be grounded forever for the nose piercing.  I’m sure it was Quilt Anna who put her up to it.”

Please return next week for the conclusion of this high flying adventure :-)!


5 Opinions

  • Lori M said:

    That Quiltilly is quite a naughty girl. I’m enjoying her antics! Hopefully she’ll be gone soon before QuiltAnna picks up too many bad habits!

  • Juleen said:

    Chris, thanks for the info on the Strip Stick! I ordered it right away and added the Seams Sew Fast that was shown below it. I love new gadgets!

  • Carmen Sommers said:

    Hope she doesn’t end up with a tattoo. Going to check out the strip stick.

  • Louise Haddon said:

    I also bought the long Strip Stick and love it! Can’t figure out why I did not get the short one to take to classes with me!

  • Peg admin

    I really enjoy your blog! You are so creative in so many ways! Bless you for sharing your talents.


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