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If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you probably can sense that I’m quite sentimental. This was most obvious in my November 24th post about the jewelry wreath I made from family treasures. I have a quilting class coming up this month, at Waukesha County Technical College, that also includes bits of family history and it’s sort of a rarity in my classes, because it’s all about handwork – even the quilting!

Lacy Hearts quilt handworkThe hearts are made from a variety of fabrics: satins, cotton prints, tone-on-tones, laces and … parts of old hankies! In the heart below, the purple and white embroidery was on a well worn hankie of my grandmother’s. I was able to strategically cut this portion from it.

lacy hearts quiltThese hearts were hand blanket stitched to muslin using embroidery floss. Then the fun of embellishing began. The next one was overlaid with lace, and pearls from a broken necklace filled the lace’s openings (The silver clasp from this necklace embellishes the purple embroidery heart above!)

Lacy hearts quilt

A locket from my other grandmother adorns yet another heart.

lacy hearts quilt

Many of the hearts feature buttons, but the piece that may put a smile on your face is the dangling heart in the lower right square:

lacy hearts quilt

It is an earring of mine that lost it’s mate. And here’s how I fastened it from the back:

lacy-hearts-earring-backQuilting is just such fun!

There is still room in this class, so if you live nearby and would like to learn a few new techniques while doing handwork and chatting with other quilters, please sign up at www.wctc.edu.

What a wonderful season for handwork. I certainly don’t want to be outdoors in 20 below zero! Do you have a winter handwork project in progress?

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  • judy s said:

    What a pretty little quilt – and how sentimental!! I just “unearthed” a box of old table linens & who-knows-what-else, from my mother-in-law. Maybe I’ll have to dig through the box & see what I can do with all of it. Thanks for the inspiration. STAY WARM!!!!


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