A Little of This, A Little of That, and Chocolate

There have been a number of things this past week I’ve wanted to share – so I’m putting them all together into one post.

Mini Topic #1: Floss Frenzy Challenge Update

The response to last week’s challenge was great and many skeins have been sent off to quite a few different States. I still have plenty left, so if you’re still inclined, please email your snail mail address to: clkquilt@gmail.com.

Mini Topic #2: Quilts, Bees and Honey – But What Does That Have to Do With Chocolate?

Things associated with bees and honey have inspired quilts for years. There are patterns named “honeycomb”, “honey bee”, and “honey bee in the garden”. I’d like to share two¬†of my bee related quilts. The first one is a placemat I made for a challenge when I belonged to a group called the Quilty Bees. Our leader was my friend Evelyn (of Quilt Sissy fame ūüėČ ). She has a thing for bees and even wore a bee costume in one of her quilt lectures. Here’s our Queen Bee (I hope these¬†make you smile – thanks for the pics, Evelyn):

Evelyn bee 2 Evelyn bee

And here’s the placemat (complete with a pocket for silverware):

quilted bee fabric placemat

In the next quilt I used honeybees as part of the quilting design:

sewing bear quilt

I even have a vintage quilt from my husband’s family that is made in¬†the grandmother’s flower garden pattern, which is also called the honeycomb:

vintage grandmother's flower garden quilt

I’ve been thinking about honey and bees lately because Mike, Sommer and I just made a trip to a delightful place called Honey Acres.

Honey Acres

Honey Acres is just north of Ashippin, Wisconsin on Hwy 67 (not far from Oconomowoc). They have a “Honey of a Museum” there, and it’s a great¬†place to take kids. But, my favorite reason for going there is because they’ve recently gotten into the gourmet candy business, and their dark chocolate mints are fantastic. Since many quilters like chocolate too – I couldn’t resist sharing this information.

honey candy bag

These incredible candies have only three ingredients:

honey candy ing

No processed sugar, no gluten, and they’re delicious!!! If you’re a fan of dark chocolate, I highly recommend you give them a try. You can order them from the Honey Acres website:¬†http://honeyacres.com/

Mini Topic #3: Inspired By Libby Auction

As many of you know, quilt teacher, artist, and judge Libby Lehman suffered a stroke in late April of 2013. A new video is up on the web containing pictures of 34 quilts made by many of Libby’s friends and fellow teachers. These pieces are being auctioned off to help cover the medical expenses for Libby’s care. They will be exhibited in both Houston and Paducah. To see the quilts and get in on the bidding, go to: ¬†https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PuMncR_Br_s&feature=em-upload_owner

Mini Topic #4: Steam-A-Seam is Back, but …

I posted a few weeks ago about the Warm Company¬†making an official Steam-a-Seam production update. I was very excited that it would be available soon. Well, they just announced that “Steam-a-Seam 2” is back.


I must admit, I’m very disappointed¬† ūüôĀ . You see, I use this product to adhere¬†sheer fabrics to my art quilts. Of the 4 original types of Steam-A-Seam, Lite without the “2” was my favorite, because it was pressure “sticky” on only one side and that allowed it to work great with sheers. Any time there is an adhesive that sticks without having to be heated, it tends to gum up the needle while quilting. When there are two layers of this type of adhesive, it gums up the needle twice as fast – ugh! I know that I can wipe off the needle with alcohol on a cotton ball, but that’s a pain.

So, the company has decided to only make Steam-A-Seam 2¬†and Lite Steam-A-Seam 2.¬†I was so disappointed that I called the Warm Company and politely requested they put Lite Steam-A-Seam (sans the 2) back into production also. If you agree, you may want to give them a call at the number in their ad above¬† ūüėÄ .

I hope you found something of interest in this week’s post.

3 Opinions

  • Barb Zimmer said:

    When steam a seam 2 was unavailable last year, an appliqué vendor at the Madison quilt show was selling a product called splendid web, a fusible web product by Bosal. I found this far superior to steam a seam which I agree gums up your needles a lot. I do a lot of appliqué so was happy to find a better product. I have asked stores from here in WI to FL to carry this product but no one has to this point, even though they may carry other Bosal products. I recommend checking this product out, it is available on the web. If you have any influence with WI stores to carry splendid web that would be great.

  • Evelyn Link said:

    I can certainly recommend the Honey Acres dark chocolate honey mints. Chris shared some with me the last time I was at her house in August. I am now enjoying the Arizona sunshine.

    I am a fan of Misty Fuse, if I only need a light, temporary stick with a soft hand. It is a paperless fusible, made in the US, distributed by Attached, Inc. If I want a firm hold fusible, I like the Steam-a-Seam Lite, so I am also disappointed the Warm Co. is not making it.


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