Biscuits Anyone?

Louise is a student in my Open Lab class at WCTC. She recently began making a biscuit quilt. I’d seen pictures of this style of quilt, but had never seen one “in the cloth”. It was fun to watch Louise’s progress.

Louise and biscuit quilt

She began with a cute, flannel teddy bear print, and cut out 4 1/2″ squares – fussy cutting each one so a bear was centered in it. She also cut some solid blue flannel squares this size, to create a pattern in the quilt. The backing squares were cut at 3 1/2″. I wasn’t quick enough to think to get pictures of Louise making biscuits, so I tried my own. Here are the supplies for one biscuit:

biscuit quilt

To make each biscuit she would pin the corners of a teddy bear square to the corners of a backing square, wrong sides together:

biscuit quilt

pleat each side, pin the pleats to three sides of the backing square:

biscuit quilt


and sew with a 1/4″ seam along the three sides:

biscuit quilt

She would then stuff a clump of fiber fill into the biscuit:

biscuit quilt

and machine stitch the fourth side closed:

biscuit quilt

She really got into a rhythm and we were amazed at how quickly she had made enough for her crib sized quilt (I now have my first biscuit made, and am on my way to my own biscuit quilt 😀 ).

Next, Louise sewed the biscuits together with a 1/4″ seam allowance, placing the blue biscuits in a pattern among the bears.

Louise biscuit quilt detail

Once the top was made, borders were added, and this past week she layered it with a pretty backing fabric and a thin layer of batt to give the whole project a bit of stability.

Louise biscuit quilt edgeMy picture of the entire piece didn’t turn out too clear, but it gives you a feel for the finished design.

Louise biscuit quilt entire

The quilt layers are pinned together and Louise is now tying  the layers together at each biscuit intersection with blue pearl cotton. She’ll do a bit of tying in the borders, and finish the edge with a binding.What a lucky baby!

Have you made a biscuit quilt? We’d love to hear your stories!


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  • Lori M said:

    Yes, I’ve made a biscuit quilt, albeit a small one. It was actually a biscuit “tooth fairy” pillow made about 40+ years ago. I don’t think I even have a picture of it. It sure is a fun thing to make.

  • toni Nevicosi said:

    Darling… might make a smaller one… a new idea rolling… for a touchy feely carseat baby toy..

    How many batting layers in border?
    Did the ties knot on the back?

    • Louise Sundquist said:

      One layer of batting, just enough to give the border some substance/ I tied the knots on the front – mostly between the biscuits, but also in the border.

  • Virginia Zimmer said:

    Hi Louise, I love your teddy bear quilt. I’ll definitely make one for the next baby in our extended family. Nice to see you again, even if it is in a picture. Virginia (I was in a Beyond the Basics class last year with you)

  • Kim said:

    When I went away to college, I made a biscuit quilt to take with me for my bed. My dad helped me shop for fabrics. It was a “unique” collection of fabrics including an eyelet fabric, a lightweight denim, a couple of floral fabrics, and not sure what else. Somewhere I think I have a picture of it. Wish I still had it. I know it didn’t stand up though to multiple washings. The batting got really “lumpy”. But at the time I was really pleased with it, being my first quilt. That was almost 40 years ago. Still quilting!

  • Eleanor admin

    I so enjoy your messages. One of my Mom’s last projects, (she died in 1987) was a biscuit quilt for her grand-daughter Laura, my niece. She used scraps of silk, taffeta, other fancy fabrics. (Laura was already a married adult). She was inspired by a magazine article about a boy in 19th century America, who was bed-ridden for months; his mother kept him occupied with this project. (He eventually recovered)


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