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As quilters, we all have loads of tools and notions. I can’t resist having the latest gadget any more than you can and I’d hate to be missing out on owning your favorite :-). Therefore my topic of the week is more like a question of the week: What’s the best quilting tool you’ve bought for under $10?

After pondering this a while, I found it difficult to narrow it down to the best quilting notion. There are so many! However, my favorite sewing notion came to me quickly:

This “bodkin” is easily available, inexpensive and the best one I’ve found for turning hanging sleeves right side out or filling casings with ties or elastic. The end with teeth grabs whatever you’re trying to move and the ring holds the bite tight. I’ve tried many a bodkin and this one’s a keeper.

I’ll save my quilting favorite for Thursday. Please share the one tool you can’t live without :-)!

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  • adunate said:

    I’m a beginner quilter, so my gadget collection is in its early stages (sure to grow quickly, no doubt:-)

    I was most fascinated by Chris’ suggestion of using a Quilter’s Design Mirror to fully visualize my pattern. I was ready to go out and drop $26.50 – – but Chris suggested I could easily make one for much less, simply by taping two mirrors together like a book.

    She’s such a super teacher!

  • Kathleen Hughes said:

    This says a lot — my most irreplacable tool is the seam ripper!

  • Jane said:

    Wow, after struggling and failing this week to turn a tube inside out, I want one of these

  • Carmen Sommers said:

    Not only is the bodkin good for turning a tube inside out but if a drawsting comes out or you need to run elastic through a waistband or whatever, it is an awsome tool.

  • Chris Sommerfelt said:

    I like the Quick Quarter ruler for making half square triangles.

    Chris Sommerfelt

  • Mary Beth Weeks said:

    My brass stiletto was the first thing that popped into mind and after some thought I’m sure that’s my most used gadget. It always stays near my sewing machine and has helped guide countless seams under the presser foot without bunching up or wiggling in the wrong direction.

  • Linda Halpin said:

    I would have to say one of my favorites is Mary Ellen’s Best Press. It is a spray that you use when ironing. Great stuff! Not really a starch, not really sizing, but it makes things press so much more quickly and smoothly. Anything I press with it just plain looks better. I hate ironing, so anything that makes it easier gets an A+ in my book! It is available in various scents, or unscented. I prefer the unscented because fragrances drive me nuts.

  • Donna said:

    My favorite tool is the long handled curved tweezers. I can use them like the stiletto, or I can catch the end of the thread when threading the needle to finish pulling it through. It is also useful to pull the bobbin out of the machine. I have found other uses as well. It really saves my hands!

  • Jeanie Burchardt said:

    My favorite or best tool : I do not recall the name of it; but I shall try to describe it. I bought it at one of the quilt shows. It is a plastic tool into which you load little metal clips. The tool will attach the little clips around the edges of the quilt to secure the binding until you hem the binding to the quilt. I don’t get scratched with pin pricks any more and the clips stay securely in place until you remove them by hand. I love this tool.

  • Cathy Koester said:

    My favorite tool is the Angler 2. I believe I’ve saved countless hours not having to draw a diagonal line on squares to make half sqaure triangles or to make the sew and flip technique. I was also shown that when you put your binding strips together with a diagonal seam, it doesn’t matter if the strips are exactly perpendicular to each other, as long as you sew from corner to corner. The Angler tool is indispensible for doing just that.

    • Jackie said:

      The Angler 2 is a constant companion on my machine. It doesn’t get in the way of any type of sewing. Gives you a 1/4″ besides the “angle” seam.

  • Marla Morris-Kennedy said:

    My new favorite tool is blue painters tape. It works great to hold fabric in place as you’re sewing. Sometimes pins create small dimples and make sewing two pieces of fabric together uneven. The blue tape holds everything perfectly and you peel it off as you sew. It can also be reused.

  • mary green said:

    My favs are the surgical forceps (i found them at a flea market) to turn things and grab threads I cant do with my hands – and the 6 “wooden pointed sticks to do a lot of things (I believe they are used in nail salons


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