Merry Christmas and Quilts

This week has been an exceptional blessing for me. I flew out to Washington on the 13th to bring my oldest grandkids back to Wisconsin for a Christmas visit. Hanna (8) and Willy (6) are a joy to be with and we are having so much fun! Just before they arrived I finished Sommer’s quilt – and it’s wrapped and ready for her. This is the front:

Sommer's modern quiltAfter last week’s post, I chose to quilt the rest of it with different sized circles and spiraled around all of them. Then I “wrote” her a special message in the borders. Here’s the back (the “I Spy” side):

I Spy quilt backCan’t wait to see her response.

Once Hanna and Willy arrived, Willy reminded me that it was his turn to make a quilt. He was definitely wigglier than his sister, and grandma had to pay close attention to where his fingers were when sewing, but he picked out all the fabrics himself and stitched every stitch. Boy – was he pleased, and grandma was too!

Willy's quiltHe wanted to show the back too!

quiltmaker Willy back blog

Hanna and Willy helped Sharon and I “Ring and Sing” for the Salvation Army this year. We made a lot of people smile.

ringing and singing 2014 blog

We’ve been reading the Christmas story with the kids every night – and Willy is quick to shout “Happy Birthday Jesus”. This is the real reason for the season. Knowing that our Savior lives and is preparing a place for us in heaven is the greatest gift of all!

Today (Sunday) is the day we celebrate Christmas with all the Wisconsin relatives and tomorrow I take the kids back to spend Christmas with their family in Washington. What a blessing (and a very busy time!)

Wishing you a blessed Christmas, from my family to yours!

Kirsch Christmas 2014 blog



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  • Pat Gilane said:

    You are sooooo lucky and blessed and so very busy traveling to make it all work for you. I love your story here and it brings tears to my eyes thinking of when my grandbabies were that small. They are a treasure, aren’t they? And I know they think you and grandpa are very special too. Merry Christmas to you and yours.
    Pat and Bob

  • Rose Duchniak said:

    What a beautiful family! You surely are blest. You are a very special lady which I have been very fortunate to have met. You are an awesome teacher. Merry Christmas to you and your family. See you next year. Rose

  • patchedlives said:

    I’m so happy for you that you were able to have Hannah and Will here. A blessed Christmas to all of you.

  • Juleen Jaeger said:

    Merry Christmas, Chris. What fun for you to have Willy and Sommer. Her quilt is so great. She’ll love it! I can’t get over how she has grown. I wish you and your family all the joy and love of the season.

  • Bonnie Camp said:

    You are so fortunate to have one on one time with your grandchildren. I did too and it was one of the best parts of my life the past 25 years. Today I took 20 year old Meg to the Milw Art Museum for the paintings from Italy and we got so much time to just stare at them. Not too crowded and good information. More than we ever got on our tour in Italy when Mike retired. Meg is getting grown up. She spent a lot of time at each painting on her own and good conversation over coffee afterward. Travel safely and cherish your memories. I hope you have a blessed Christmas and New Year all year long. I still have to finish my Bella Bella that you helped me with a few years ago. I will finish it in 2015! I have promised myself. Will just have to set aside those Quilts of Valor for a little while and do it! Love, bonnie c


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