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Just a couple of quick notes about last week’s post. Thanks to those who commented and suggested checking with your machine technician before using monofilament thread – good advice. Also, I recently spent some quality time on Diane Gaudynski’s blog and I highly recommend it: Her website is:

seven sisters in sisters


If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you may remember the Saga of the Quiltsissies. It was really quite silly, but the feedback was great. This is how the story began (and this is leading to something):

“Once upon a time there were 2 quilters, named Chris and Wendy, who liked to take others on quilting adventures in Europe. Prior to a trip to France in 2008 they talked about creating a traveling companion named Quiltina. She was based on a cardboard cut out called Flat Stanley who travels with school children and helps them to journal their trips. Wendy made the first Quiltina and then created her sister Quiltanna for Chris. These Quiltsissies joined the quilting cruise in France. They brought along a third sister, Quiltilly.

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 8.08.06 PM

While on the cruise a contest was held and the winner, Evelyn, was awarded Quiltilly as her prize.”

As the story continues, Evelyn and her sister Hazel (who has Quiltzilla) stayed with us during quilt week in Paducah a few years ago, and she brought Quiltilly along, but Quiltilly was showing signs of neglect. On top of that, Evelyn left her behind. So Wendy and I naturally held her for ransom.

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 8.07.51 PM

After quite a bit of excitement, Evelyn did pay the ransom in jewels – batik diamonds!

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 8.09.46 PM

(To read the whole adventure go to: and and and  )

Years have passed and Wendy and I are currently planning our next Sew We Go Adventure to the Sisters Oregon Quilt Show this July! For our trip project we’ve chosen the Seven Sisters block, and it uses diamonds! The ransom diamonds have been waiting for such a time as this, and we’ve been having a wonderful time putting it all together – in hand and machine piecing options. Here are the three samples we’ve created already (they’re table topper sized and addictive – like eating potato chips):

7 sisters 1 7 sisters 2

7 sisters 3

All of the quilters who join us on the trip (Evelyn and Hazel are already on the list!) will have the opportunity to make their own Seven Sisters quilt during our travels. We’ll also have a pre-trip get together in which travelers can make their very own Quiltsissie!

Here’s the good news:


Our adventure begins and ends in Portland, OR – how you get there is up to you (although our travel planner would be happy to help you with those details). Thus, it doesn’t matter where you live – you can be a part of the fun!

So if you’d like to join us there’s still time! You can even bring your sister!

For all the details go to:

then call Kristi at: (262)786-6763

And I couldn’t resist this parting picture:

seven sisters pillowcaseWhile shopping in a local quilt shop – Tea and Textiles in Jefferson – I found this wonderful “cheater cloth” of the Seven Sisters block. I just had to make a pillowcase for Wendy to take on the trip. I think I’ll make one for myself also. Too much fun!!!

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