Quilting in Alaska

What a wonderful adventure! Quiltina and I met Evelyn at the Madison airport on a Tuesday afternoon and we arrived in Anchorage after 10pm (it was still light out!). Evelyn’s sister, Hazel, met us there and drove us to her home in Soldatna – 3 hours away. Needless to say, it was a late night :-).
 Hazel and Eddie generously opened their beautiful cabin in the woods to us and made me feel like part of the family.  

My residence was in an “apartment” they’ve built over the garage which consisted of my bedroom, bath and the living room which is Hazel’s quilting studio. The three of us actually spent many happy hours there stitching :-). 

During the next 12 days we shared fun, fellowship, good food, beautiful sites and a lot of quilt related activities. It is so wonderful to visit a new area with friends who live there

I had the blessed opportunity to teach 4 different classes. My Mariner’s Compass class, held for a quilting group which meets at a church in Soldatna, went so well that they invited me back the following week to teach Free Motion Quilting. 

I taught 2 Replique classes. One at a friendly quilt shop in Seward called Sew ‘n Bee Cozy. A lovely shop and a great class!

The other Replique class was taught at the Eagle’s Roost Lodge. The owners, Ken and Patty, even treated us to a boat ride up the Kenai River. What fun!

Thanks to everyone who made these classes possible and to the students – who were not only fun, but taught me a lot.

I’m finally unpacked, so that I can begin to repack for 3 days of teaching at Nancy’s Notions Quilting Expo in Madison, WI. I hope to see many of you there!

PS I was able to spend 3 days at the end of the trip visiting my grandchildren in Washington. Hanna, Willy and I had so much fun that I couldn’t resist this final picture of our day at a children’s museum. What a blessing!

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  • cheryl said:

    What a wonderful memory you have here!

  • Sharon said:

    How lucky you are to experience such a great adventure topped off with grandchildren time.

  • Chris Sommerfelt said:

    I’m glad you had such a great trip. On a trip to Alaska, I would be hard pressed to be indoors. That is one place I hope to visit someday. So much grandeur to see.

  • Jacquie said:

    These are so many of the places we were at on our trip there. It is the most beautiful place. Looks like there are some new quilt shops. Might have to go again to check them out. So glad you got to see the grandkids too.

  • Jeri S. said:

    So far, Alaska is my favorite place to visit! I’ve been there twice and I’d go back in a heartbeat! So glad you had the chance to experience a little of that beautiful part of the United States.

    Great pict of you with the grandkids. What a blessing.

  • Kasia said:

    Good for you Chris. Looks like a great time! You are blessed indeed. Thanks for sharing!

  • Bev Schulz said:

    The kids are adorable! They grow too fast. Looking forward to seeing you soon……….


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