Driftless Fiber Arts

Last weekend Mike and I drove to Des Moines for our nephew’s high school graduation. We made a mini vacation of it which included spending a night in a B&B/Edwardian Mansion in Dubuque on Friday night. As we were driving past Mineral Point, WI, on our way to Dubuque, I spied a sign for Pendarvis and said to Mike – I’ve heard of that, wonder what it’s about.

On the way home I looked it up on my phone (isn’t technology amazing?) and discovered Pendarvis started in the early 1800’s as “A settlement of highly-skilled Cornish miners which unearthed an ore that led to a mining frenzy”. To read the actual history of the settlement and it’s preservation go to – http://pendarvis.wisconsinhistory.org/About/History.aspx

I was intrigued. Then I clicked on their calendar and found that we were right on time for the Driftless Fibre Arts Faire! We had to stop!

Pendarvis sign

There were sheep, lambs and alpacas,

Pendarvis alpaca

Local vendors with yarn, garments and many interesting works of fiber art,

Pendarvis yarn

It was a feast for the eyes and a wonderful way to break up a long drive on a sunny afternoon.

I’ve done a bit of playing with felting wool roving into cotton fabric on a shirt. I used my friend Linda’s felting machine and was very pleased with the results.

felted front felted back

So I couldn’t resist purchasing a bag of colorful wool ends. Who knows what I’ll do with it???

Pendarvis roving

The only problem was, by the time we had visited the vendors and I made my purchase there wasn’t enough time to enjoy a tour of the buildings led by a costumed guide.

Pendarvis house

We are already planning our trip back!

Upcoming Classes at WCTC

This Summer I’m teaching one all day Open Lab class each month, as well as 2 one day workshops. Here’s the scoop:


Swirls and Stars Learn an exciting way to piece twirling Snails Trails blocks and let them dance around pieced stars. A great class for quilters who are comfortable with piecing techniques and want to try something a bit challenging. The pictured project is lap sized, but a smaller wall hanging version will also be an option. Friday, June 26th, 9 – 2:30, Course Reference Number: 5363 (this class is coming soon, so if you’re interested, please sign up today!)


Beginner’s Workshop Learn the basics of rotary cutting and stitching an accurate 1/4″ seam allowance while creating a lovely table runner. You may already be an experienced quilter, but please let your non-quilting/newby friends know about this fun, basic class. Saturday, August 8, 9 – 2:30, Course Reference Number 5364

Register by phone at: 262.691.5566 or on the internet at: www.wctc.edu, click on Course Search, choose Summer semester and type “quilting” into the Course Title/Subject box. All the quilting classes will appear, with instructions for signing up at the top of the page.


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