Dairy Breakfast

I’ve written about barns and quilts before. From the quilt I made in the early 90’s, using fusible web to recreate the barn on my in-laws Iowa farm (fused – jigsaw puzzle style).

quilted barn

To my getting caught up in the Painted Barn Block craze on our own shed:

barn quilt

Well, this post isn’t actually about quilting, but it does have a connection to barns, and I hope you’ll find it interesting.

If you’re not from Wisconsin, you may not know that a bubbler is a drinking fountain and everyone goes out for Fish Fry on Friday nights. If you’re a city dweller, even in Wisconsin, you may not know what a Dairy Breakfast is, so I’d like to share some pictures of a truly rural Wisconsin tradition! They are a Saturday/Sunday event on different weekends throughout the Summer, in different counties around the State. Families around Wisconsin volunteer to spruce up their dairy farms and host these Dairy Breakfasts. The Watertown Agri-Business breakfast was this past weekend and it is always a lot of yummy fun! Mike and I invited our daughter-in-law, Betsy, and and the kids to join us (Brad had to work 🙁 ).

DB signsWhile the others waited in line for the food, Sommer and I visited the petting zoo:

DB petting zoo dairy breakfast petting zoo

Then it was our turn to eat. We watched them make eggs and pancakes Wisconsin style:

db eggs

DB pancakes

Then we held out our plates – and they were loaded up by the friendly volunteers:

DB serving

and don’t forget the cheese (it was going fast!):

DB cheese

We sat down to eat in the huge barn and were entertained by the ever-present polka band –  complete with cow spotted hats.

DB eating

DB band

Afterwards we looked at the model railroad, and model farm displays, while grandpa saved our place in line for the hay wagon tour of the farm. Here we are loading into the wagon.

DB wagon 1

It was a great tour and very informative. This farm has 450 milking cows in one barn! That number doesn’t include the calves and young cows who haven’t had a calf, residing in a different barn.

DB barn

They grow hay, corn and soybeans to feed the herd, and it takes 1000 acres to feed this crew! I was impressed.

By the end of the tour our tummies were full, we’d learned a lot, and Trey was worn out.

DB the end

Next week I promise to include quilt content 😀 !


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  • Pat Gilane said:

    Chris, I loved your Dairy Breakfast presentation! The Dairy, the barn quilt, the beautiful grandkids.

  • Linda admin

    This was a great post. Thank you. Made me want to be back on our Michigan dairy farm. We live in Florida now.

  • Margaret admin

    Just one note for your personal knowledge … these county breakfasts are held in June to honor Dairy Month. I have not had the occasion to visit one, but I did grow up on a dairy farm and showed dairy calves @ the county and state fairs.

    Have a good week … Thank you for your weekly postings.

  • gayrene said:

    Years ago our Square Dance club in West Bend danced at these pancake breakfasts for fun and to advertise square dancing. I was a new dancer and it was fun.

  • Sheila said:

    What a neat way to get charged and going for the day! Viewing your record of the families’ trip to the Dairy Farm event brought back lots of memories. My husband fell two weeks ago and broke his hip in two places. Things are going well, but recovery will be long. Am taking the computer to the hospital this morning to show your family outing to him. We are originally from NE Iowa, both born and raised on a farm so the pictures will stimulate his thinking about something else than his “hurting” leg. Know that you have used events/travels as a focus for some of your quilts — right now I don’t think I’ll make a “hip problem” into a a quilt. However imagine the sewing machine will hum again when he is home recovering. Love to see “your LOVE of family” incorporated into your quilting and business.

    • clkquilt admin

      So sorry for what your husband (and you) are going through. You’re in my prayers. I’m so pleased that you enjoyed my post and that you’ll
      share it with him.

  • Jodi Grzeczka said:

    Loved your Dairy Breakfasy coverage! I attended the one in Walworth County that same weekend. It’s usually held at the Fairgrounds, and I’ve never done the farm tour. .maybe next time I will!

  • Jeanette admin

    I just love you e-mails. So much fun shared and informative articles also. You are the best. Hope to see you at our guild in Williams Bay, Wi. again.


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