A Winning Quilter

It’s possible to be an inspirer/encourager in many ways. I recently received an email from my friend Judy who wrote “Congratulations on being a Quilt Inspiration!”. This was followed by a link to this blog: http://quiltinspiration.blogspot.com/ (thanks Judy!). The sisters who write the blog explained on their “about” page: “We created Quilt Inspiration to pay tribute to the artists who inspire us with their beautiful works.” So I quickly scrolled down to see “Intragalactic Journey”, the quilt Evelyn and I made together a few years ago:

Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 6.19.45 PM

You may remember the story of this quilt, and why I wanted to name it “Out of the Bathtub”, but if not, please click here!

What a lovely surprise! It is truly a blessing to be considered an inspiration – especially while having fun with your friends. This leads to this week’s “topic”.

In October of last year I did a blog post with a number of short “topics” in it. One of them, “mini topic #3”, was about the “Inspired by Libby Quilt Auction”. Libby Lehman suffered a stroke in April of 2013, and a number of her friends and fellow teachers made quilts to be auctioned off and help with expenses for Libby’s medical treatment and care (go to:  http://chrisquilts.net/blog/?p=5231 for the original post).

Anne Nee is a friend of mine who has traveled with Wendy and me. She told me she read that post and immediately went to the site and then wrote a check to send for the Libby fund. She also admitted she hadn’t read any further and wasn’t really aware she had put herself into a drawing to possibly win a quilt.

Well, in February she received a call from Mary Ann Fons! Mary Ann told Anne she had won the quilt Mary Ann had made for the benefit auction.

Anne Nee wins Mary Ann Fons quilt

To say Anne was surprised would be putting it mildly. Mary Ann was ready to mail it right away, but Anne was leaving for Arizona. When Anne returned, Mary Ann was traveling, but in March the quilt arrived at Anne’s house. Her granddaughter, Celina, has made a quilt and loves quilting, so Anne waited until Celina could come over and help her open the box. She said it was so much more fun to share the moment with Celina.

The quilt was the perfect fit for Anne – she loves it!

Anne Nee wins Mary Ann Fons quilt

She was excited to show me the hand-made label.

Anne Nee wins Mary Ann Fons quilt

And the autographed copy of the magazine in which the quilt appeared!

Anne Nee wins Mary Ann Fons quilt Anne Nee mag inside

Anne told me she uses the quilts she’s made on her beds, but this was the first one she chose to throw over her favorite chair in the living room (like it is in the photo above), and she snuggles up under it whenever she takes a little rest.

She told me it was all because of me, that I inspired her to go to the blog. But I’d say it was simply a blessing for her, because of her generosity!

Thanks Anne, for sharing your quilt and it’s story with us!

I would also like to share a bit about Libby’s progress since her stroke. During Ricky Tims’ annual concert at the AQS show in Paducah this year. He called Libby on Facetime, live for all to see. She’s come a long way and it was a joy to see her smile. To watch that video go to:  http://thequiltshow.com/paducah/23422-ricky-talks-to-libby-lehman-during-concert-in-paducah



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