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We all made it happily home from the Sisters Quilt Show, with lots of great pictures and memories (and more than a little fabric). The shops and vendors were great, but I think Wendy and I really enjoyed looking at the wide variety of quilts most of all. We were especially pleased to run into a mutual friend from Wisconsin, Karen Lorenz, and to meet her sisters (or was it sister-in-laws?) who live in Oregon. A few years ago they all went to the show and bought the same kits. They challenged each other to make them and enter them in this year’s show – and they did!

sis Karen Lorenz quilt

Great job ladies!

We really didn’t have a planned walk as Wendy and I traversed Sisters, but we both agreed we found our favorite quilt hanging from one of the last buildings on our route. Many of the quilts were hung in groupings and this grouping was of a challenge organized by a local guild with the theme being the 40th Anniversary of the Sister’s show. This quilt is called “The Heart of Sisters” (and our Quiltinas loved it so much they jumped into the picture).

Sisters quilt show my favorite quilt

The maker, Janet MacConnell, wrote on the blue label “Forty houses, forty trees and forty stars commemorating forty years that the Stitchin Post and the Sisters quilt show have been in the “heart of Sisters”. After recently moving to Sisters, becoming involved in classes, clubs and quilting activities has helped me to feel a part of this special community. This quilt for the 40th Anniversary challenge honors the significant place quilting holds in the heart of Sisters.”

As we looked more closely, we realized that the central motif was a heart shape that held:

Heart of Sisters quilt

the 3 Sisters mountains for which the town is named, the Stitchin Post itself, a row of quilts, and even a fabric printed with quilters. What wonderful attention to detail! As we stepped back to get a distance view, we nearly ran into the maker and her husband  🙂 . We immediately felt a bit guilty for having held the dolls up to her quilt, but she was fine with it and so happy to tell us all about her labor of love. She even agreed to be in a photo.

Janet MacConnells quilt at Sisters show
They said they moved from San Jose, CA and liked the small town feel of Sisters. She reiterated how quilting and the Stitchin Post really helped to make her feel a part of this community, which she is now proud to call home.

Great quilt Janet! Thanks for sharing it with us!


I also wanted to remind everyone that registration is now open for classes at the Madison Quilt Expo. Please click on the button below for all the information!

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  • Jodi Grzeczka said:

    Sounds like an awesome time! Thank you so much for sharing. It’s certainly on my list of things I must do! Jodi


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