Auditioning Quilting Designs

The project Wendy and I chose for our Sew We Go to Sister’s trip was a Seven Sisters table topper.

7 Sisters topper

We chose it because the English paper piecing preparation (folding the fabric around paper patterns), could be done quite easily while traveling. The hand piecing was a nice option to offer on the trip, and quite a few quilters did just that. For the rest, we shared how to put the blocks together by machine after the adventure was over.

Once my top was done, I had the fun of deciding what quilting design to use. Sometimes the choice is obvious, but this time I felt the need to do some auditioning. I began by drawing stars on a muslin quilt sandwich with water soluble marker.

auditioning quilting designs

Then I covered them with Glad Press ‘n Seal™. It’s clear, so it’s rather hard to see in the picture. The tacky side adhere’s well to fabric, you can quilt through it, and it tears away quite easily (I know a number of quilters who don’t care for it, but I like it for many applications – I recommend playing with it, and deciding for yourself)

audition press n seal

Next I drew a bunch of possible designs in a different color washable marker (here are just 2):

audition draw design 1 audition draw design 3

After drawing seven, I tried stitching some of them. Because there were many spots where quilting lines would cross/overlap, I decided not to stitch through the Press ‘n Seal™, and just free hand quilted in the stars.

audition stitched trials

I couldn’t decide which one was best. So I used them all!

Star quilting designs audition 2 audition 3 audition 4 audition 5 audition 6 audition 7

When I was done, I wished I had more stars to quilt. It was great fun and Sommer seems to approve!

7 sisters with Sommer blog

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