A Lunch Bunch Quilt – Part 2

This past weekend was the Madison Quilt Expo. It was a great show! I’m inspired, and exhausted ūüôā . I’ll post about that soon, but this week I want to continue the lunch bunch quilt story:

Last week I introduced you to my Lunch Bunch blocks and the idea for using them in a bed-sized “Log Cabin Quilt With Attitude” (if you’re new to the blog this week, please click here for the original post). Once I made all the wonky log cabin blocks, I stitched them into columns,¬†and decided it would be a great idea to layer and quilt these columns individually, rather than make and quilt the entire top.¬†¬†It was so enjoyable quilting¬†the long skinny pieces!

Lunch Bunch Quilt column

Once all the columns were quilted, I connected them with the “Reversible Quilt as You Go” technique I used in my grandkid’s quilts. (click here to read that post).

I decided to use 2 different backing fabrics on the columns, this made the back of my quilt quite interesting.

Lunch Bunch backYou may remember that the blocks were all squared up to 10 ¬Ĺ” in width, so that they’d fit together into the columns, but the lengths were all different. As you can see, this left me with a very unusual lower edge. Sharon¬†showed this bottom edge effect in her¬†book, and I like it! But how does one bind such a quilt? That will be the “topic of the week” next time. I’ll show you the finished front then too.

Don’t Forget the¬†Block Stack Challenge!

I’ve had 2 pictures of exhange blocks sent in. Others emailed that they didn’t know if they’d have time. There is no time limit and no one seems to have an abundance of time. So, if you are at all inclined, please send a picture of your blocks. It may be a ways off into the future, but you just might get yours together and win. Here is the challenge once again:

Do you have a stack of exchange blocks just waiting to become a quilt? I’d like to challenge you to send me a picture of your stack of blocks (feel free to arrange them any way you like – thrown all over the room, or in one tall stack, or artistically draped, or… ???). I’ll then post the pictures (without naming names) and challenge each participant to put them in a quilt. The first one to actually make their blocks into a quilt will get their name and photo in the blog, along with a wonderful prize of my choosing!!!

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