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This past week I had the joyful opportunity to share my quilts, and my quilting journey, as part of the morning worship service at a church in Wales, WI. Pastor Petterson was a joy to work with. He even built stands for my quilts to hang from.

Sanctuary quilts

Once we had the quilts hung, he invited me to see a collection of fiber art hanging in the lower level, made by church secretary Heidi Schueller. To get there we needed to go down the cinder block staircase – and the decorations there made me smile:

Stairway umbrellas

Pastor Peterson called Heidi’s fiber art “Creation Panels”. She used many different media and techniques to create them. Then she hung signs next to each panel with the Scripture verse for that day on one side and a simple poem about each day for the children to read, on the flip side. They are fascinating!

Day 1 - Let there be light!

Day 1 – Let there be light!

Day 2 - Heaven in the midst of the waters.

Day 2 – Heaven in the midst of the waters.

Day 3 - every green thing that grows.

Day 3 – The land and things that grow.

Day 4 - the sun, the moon and the stars.

Day 4 – The sun, moon and stars.

Day 5 - Sea creatures and flying things.

Day 5 – Sea creatures and flying things.

Day 6 - Animals and man.

Day 6 – Animals and man.

Day 7 - Everything was very good!

Day 7 – Everything was very good!

They hang around a corner in a hallway, and really cheer up the hall!

Creation hallway

Here are a couple of close-ups, so you can enjoy the details, from yarns to buttons, and fabric to paper. There’s a little bit of everything put together in a delightful way!

Creation details Creation detail 2 Creation detail 4 Creation detail 3

I hope you found Heidi’s creations as appealing and interesting as I did!

It was a wonderful morning of worshipping the Lord, and fellowship! Thanks Pastor Petterson, Bonnie Morris and Jerusalem Presbyterian!

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  • Susan Meyers said:

    It’s always so interesting to see other people’s creativity and works of art. It never ceases to amaze me. Thanks for sharing!

  • patgi said:

    So inspirational and beautiful. You, Chris, and Heidi have quite a gift and are so blessed with your talent. You have always been an inspiration to me. What a nice worship service you must have had. All that art was so enjoyable to look at.

  • Barbara said:

    This proves that so many of us have a unique gift from our creator – glad that I could view two of those gifts today. Heart touching!

  • Brenda Wathier said:

    Those were absolutely amazing. Thanks for sharing. I also enjoyed your display in the Sanctuary. You are an inspiring woman.

  • Jackie said:

    You are a very inspiring woman and it shows in all your works of art. From quilts for your grandchildren, to the art quilts, in your teaching and in your friendly smile. Thanks for being you. Jackie

  • Beryl admin

    Made me smile

  • Sandy admin

    Nice collection. Thanks for sharing

  • Sue admin

    I can only imagine the joy this entire experience gave you. Sharing your joy!

  • Patti admin

    Thanks so much for sharing these. I love the whole idea of this. That she used all kinds of materials relatively readily available can encourage so many others to interpret into art other favorite messages from His word.

  • clkquilt admin

    Will you be returning soon?


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