Which Ruler’s Rule II

Thanks to everyone who left a comment! Rulers are definately an important part of our quilting :-). There were a few mentioned I now need to try and Alice touched on my pick for favorite specialty ruler: the Add-a-Quarter™ by CM Designs!

A simple, but very helpful ruler when it comes to paper piecing. It comes in 6″ and 12″ lengths, as well as an Add-an-Eighth™ style for making  miniatures. This ruler has a 1/4″ lip along the bottom which allows you to trim in such a way that knowing where to align the next piece of fabric is easy. Get the 12″, you won’t regret it!

3 Opinions

  • Sharon said:

    My rulers seem to find wonderful hiding spaces under fabric, so my favorite ruler is the one that “beeps” when I’m searching for it. Hasn’t been invented yet? Don’t worry, it will come out in next month’s magazines. This always happens when I have a great idea.

  • Johanna Fritz said:

    The same company also makes an “add an eighth” (1/8″) – I think it is blue – for small, intricate piecing. I love them both!
    Johanna Fritz.

  • Eileen Rozumialski said:

    Hi Chris. I indeed know the feeling as this weekend I had to “cut” into fabric I bought in Ireland and it was hard to do……….BUT I am loving the results so, though difficult, it was a good thing. I have been contemplating a framed project of swatches of favorite fabrics as I visualize my craft room (in the planning stages). Over the years I’ve kept swatches and can remember the projects from each. Might be fun to have them out where I can see them.


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