Fiber Art Earrings

Greetings from snowy Wisconsin (I couldn’t resist including a picture – large pre-Thanksgiving snows are not that common here)!

snow 11-15


Before I get to my new “topic of the week”, I wanted to thank everyone whocloset clean mags gone commented on my “Closet Clean-up” post a few weeks ago. Many of you expressed a concern that recycling the magazines might deprive others of their value. You will be happy to know that someone did claim them and Mike was  kind enough to “dumpster dive”, and put all the loose ones into boxes for me to deliver 🙂 .

Then Judy sent me an email about her own Closet Clean-up adventure which involved a trip to the container store and a clever way of labeling. Here’s what she wrote:

“Chris: I really wanted to tell you how much I admire and am always searching for those  perfect solutions to sewing room organization.  Last year, I was able to move my sewing room into a bigger space thanks to my really awesome husband.  That space came with an enormous walk-in closet!!  I wasn’t sure how to organize my stash, so one trip to The Container Store and voila!!  Men’s shoe boxes from The Container Store are the perfect size for your stash!!  I then bought chalkboard fabric and labeled each box.  They are also the perfect size for projects.  Here’s a picture to share.”

And here’s the picture:

Judy Fox storage pic

Chalkboard fabric! What a great idea! It looks so much better than my taped on “scrap paper scribblings”, and the labels are easy to change. Thanks Judy!


And now for my “topic of the week”:

I have a new pair of hand made, fiber art earrings – and I love them!

Earrings by Sher

I receive many compliments every time I wear them. Here is a little about the earrings:

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 11.01.44 PM

Now, let me tell you about their maker. I met Sharon Rotz when we taught together at a retreat in Central Wisconsin. We hit it off right away and have become good friends. I’ve mentioned Sharon in a number of previous blog posts because we’ve had the chance to exhibit our work together, and I’ve been inspired by her books and techniques. We’ve also collaborated on 4 quilts together: “Tumbles the Cat”,

tumbles the cat quilt

“Two Friends Monkeying Around”,

Quilt - Two Friends Monkeying Around

“The Rose of Chris and Sharon”,


and “Goyne Round in Circles”.

Goyne Round in Circles

Sharon is an incredible talent and It’s been a joy to quilt together. Now she’s on to a new adventure with her hand-made jewelry and, like everything else she does, it is incredibly creative and well done. Please visit Sharon’s website:  to see her wonderful work.

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 9.03.53 PM

I highly recommend clicking on her jewelry page, you just may need to own a Sharon Rotz original!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all !!!


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  • Kathleen Swinkowski said:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  • Sharon said:

    Chris, thank you for the lovely compliments. We have a fabulous time working together. Collaboration is a wonderful way to stretch yourself and bring out your best. I highly recommend it.

  • Judy admin

    Thanks for sharing the Chalkboard Fabric Idea, I have some and I have fabric storage boxes from Ikea that I was wondering how to label. Chalkboard Fabric is the answer!


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