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I’ve been doing a bit of investigating to find quilt/fabric related things to see on our upcoming Sew We Go cruise on the Adriatic Sea. I think the best part of our adventures is that we are a group of people, with a common interest (quilting), who want to see some of the wonderful places the world has to offer. The trip isn’t about quilting, as much as it is about seeing, tasting, discovering and doing whatever each port has to offer.

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We do find time to indulge in some sort of quilting or embellishing on our projects each day, but the focus is mainly on the places we visit! This is why we have so many non-quilters join us on our trips (especially husbands!) There’s something for everyone!


Like in Turkey! We will be in Kusadasi/Ephesus on a Wednesday. We’ll be touring the city – historic ruins and all, but there’s more. That’s the day the Kusadasi Open Air Market is based mostly on textiles! Perfect! This is the quote from the website: Kusadasi.com : “Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, open air markets are settled in large streets. Villagers bring fresh produce from their farm to sell, so even if you would not buy, you would have a chance to observe the season’s vegetables, socialize with locals and live the authentic atmosphere. Wednesday’s market is mostly based on textiles.”

See what I mean by saying “there’s something for everyone”? But many of you may find these facts I’ve learned interesting:

Pamuk is the Turkish word for cotton.

Cotton is cultivated everywhere in Turkey, so that Turkey is in fact the third biggest producer of cotton in the world.

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Traveling inland and passing Ephesus there are many cotton fields.  The harvest is in September – October, just when we’ll be there!

Turkey is just one of the stops on our fabulous, upcoming tour. I haven’t even begun to research Venice, Athens or Dubrovnik.

If this sounds like something on your bucket list :-), please consider joining us. This is a wonderful time to tell your loved ones that what you’d like for Christmas is a contribution to your Adriatic fund  😀 ! Plus, Kristi would be happy to arrange an installment payment plan for you. All the information can be found on this link:  http://chrisquilts.net/blog/?p=6691


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  • Nancy Hansen said:

    The market sounds wonderful. I remember how much fun we had at the one in France (Bern). Can’t wait!


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