Tie Dye Baby 2

When our son and daughter-in-law were expecting Sommer, I had a “tie dye” baby shower for Betsy and her friends. We tie dyed bibs, burp cloths and onsies – and had a lot of fun! (click here to read that post).

Sommer is almost 4 now (I can’t believe how fast time flies!), and my niece is expecting her first child – a little girl. So my Mom, Betsy and I decided to throw a tie dye baby shower for Brianne this past Saturday! This time we really had fun with the theme. Betsy made wonderful decorations and we even found a local bakery that made us tie dyed cupcakes – inside and out!

tie dye cupcakes

tie dye cupcakes blog

They were as delicious as they were beautiful. After brunch we headed to Mike’s shed, put on our plastic garbage bags,  and the dying began!

dying - Betsy,Sommer blog

Betsy and Sommer

tie dyed baby shower

My Aunt and cousins

My Mom, Brianne and great grandchild #9

My Mom, Brianne and great grandchild #9

A lovely group of fabric dyers :-)

Everyone did a great job! I sure hope this little girl likes bright colors. Here’s what it all looked like when we were done:

dying done blog

These pieces were covered with plastic and left to set while we went in for gift opening. I’ll share the finished pieces, after they’re rinsed and dried. I can’t wait to see how they all turn out!

Here’s a parting shot that should make you smile. Mom and I did a baby shower idea search on the internet and a picture of a unique fruit salad made us laugh out loud. I had to make it. I’m sure Scott and Brianne’s baby will be much cuter  😀  !

baby melonhead shower fruit salad

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