Tie Dye Baby – Results

After last week’s baby shower, all of the excitement of Christmas and flying across the country twice to transport grandkids took its toll. I spent the rest of the weekend as a couch potato. On Monday I realized I hadn’t rinsed the dye out of the baby things. Rinsing and washing was a bit of an undertaking, but mom and I persevered and the results were fun, fun, fun!

All the pieces went from this:

dying done blog

to the following pictures. My sister-in-law, Mary Sue, dyed mommy’s shirt and Scott’s Mom did his:

tie dye baby

The burp cloths (made from cloth diapers) were colorful fun:

tie dye baby

The onsies look great (notice how Sommer and Trey’s monkeys did a bit of photo-bombing  🙂 ):

tie dye baby

and the terry cloth bibs will look great on baby. They won’t show a bit of drool, dribble or food:

tie dye baby

Everything is folded and ready to deliver with great expectations!

tie dye done

Can’t wait for our sweet little girl to arrive!

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  • Nini~ said:

    What a great gift!! Everything looks so good, I am inspired to have a tie dye party too! Think I can convince my friends I’m in need of some fun t shirts or I guess I could share and send them all home with one!!


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