Joyce’s Amish Quilt

You may remember a post of mine from last year concerning stacks of blocks that were waiting to become something. I asked for you to send pictures of your block stack, and first on the list was Joyce. (You can read that post at:

Joyce Egle blocks

These blocks were made by an Amish friend of the owner, in all different sizes, and are kept in the vintage Santa box.

She now has the blocks together, ready for layering and quilting!

Joyce Egle Amish quilt

With one block much bigger than the rest, and the remainder a variety of sizes, turning them on point with “float” between the blocks was a great way to put them all together! I shared this technique in a post last year (go to: to read all about it). Great job Joyce! Thanks for allowing me to post the picture of your lovely quilt top.

PS My myriad of “house” blocks from that post are still lovingly stacked in a very tall pile  – still “marinating”  😉 .


Also, I recently received the On Point Newsletter from AQS, and they were introducing a fabric line called “Gelato Ombré”:

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 8.18.53 AM

gradation fabric in quiltAren’t they lovely? I have an entire lecture focusing on using Ombré, or gradation, fabrics in your quilts – with loads of examples from traditional to artsy!  You can find the lecture information here: . I would be thrilled to present it to your guild 😀 . Please email me if you’re interested. To purchase the fabric from AQS click here.

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  • Joyce admin

    It took a while to get those blocks together. I have not yet tried quilting it nor have had it quilted as I have been too busy with other things. My sister could not believe I had those blocks sitting around since 1982! She likes how it turned out. Thanks to you I was inspired to get it together. And thanks for sharing it.


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