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paint night pic

When my kids were little I decided to take a cake decorating class. The first day the teacher said that artistic principles were consistent, no matter what the medium: cake decorating, painting, floral arranging, quilting, etc. all were successful, based on the same things. At that time I didn’t know what color value or composition meant (I have absolutely no background in art – and still don’t feel comfortable drawing free-hand). I had no idea that 30 some years later I would be a fiber artist, but that statement from years ago has stuck with me.

Recently my friend Kay invited the members of our Fiberistas group to a Relay for Life fundraiser – a “Paint Night Event”. You may have heard of these crash courses in art: you pay a fee, meet for 2 hours at a local business, and learn to paint. My first thought was “yeah, right! Me paint a picture in 2 hours”, but the sample (at the beginning of this post) was lovely and half of our group wanted to go. Should I??? Then I thought back to that cake decorating teacher’s comment and decided it was worth a try.

What fun! The teacher, Amy Buchholtz, was great, everything was supplied, and the mood was upbeat. It SOLD OUT! 46 women in the event room at Lyon’s Pub, on Main Street in Watertown, WI.

paint night roomful

We painted for 2 hours with 2 five minute breaks. After break #1 mine looked like this:

paint night first break

It was amazing to be able to create all those colors from red, blue and yellow! I must admit, it was nice to be able to just mix the color needed, but I still like the challenge of finding the perfect fabric to accomplish a goal. That’s part of the fun of quilting.

We continued adding details and everyone left with a finished work. It was fascinating to see the variety that comes from each person having their own vision.

paint night done

Mine certainly isn’t great art, but for my first attempt at painting – I’m pleased, and have already hung it above the computer in my studio. I love the way it matches the calendar (for this month at least).

painting hung

Lori, Barb, Kay and I agreed that it was fun, but we still feel more comfortable with fabric and thread.

I highly recommend trying something new with friends!

And, on a personal note – I’m looking to hire someone to make a stain glass lamp to match (or come close) to one I made from a kit 35 years ago.

stain glass lamp

If you, or someone you know would be interested, please let me know. Thanks!

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