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Happy Fourth of July Weekend everyone!!!

I want to share one more “Quilt Week in Paducah” post from our trip in April. It’s about a patriotic quilt, and seemed to fit in as this week’s post perfectly.

Early in our week at the AQS show, Wendy and I made a stop at one of the “Quilt In a Day” locations. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw 2 familiar faces just inside the doorway. It turns out that a group of quilters from back home in Wisconsin were selling chances for a raffle quilt!


Beth and her friends were raising funds for an organization I was unaware of, but I was very impressed by what they shared.


Here’s the mission statement for Vets Roll:

Vets Roll

Beth was so excited to tell me about how much she loves chaperoning these trips from the mid-west to Washington, DC, and what a blessing it is to meet these heroes and hear their stories. She shared that a bus trip is much more comfortable and less stressful than flying for these aged veterans. I was very interested and impressed. Please visit the Vets Roll website and find out more about this great organization at:

Because the pattern in their quilt is one that Eleanor Burns has done a book about, Quilt in a Day generously allowed them to be a part of their “Quilt Week” store. Kudos to Eleanor!

Thanks ladies, for all your efforts in letting our vets know how much they are appreciated!



And one last picture 🙂 ! A few posts back I shared my “Around the Block challenge” quilt entitled “I Love Winter” (click here to view that post). Recently another participant in that challenge, Deb, sent me a picture of her quilt top and it is so lovely,  I wanted to share it with you. Her theme was “up north”:

Deb Braatz Athe B challenge

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  • Kathleen Swinkowski said:

    Saw the Patriot quilt in Paducah and I have my tickets.

  • horstmary said:

    Got my ticket from Beth and Marietta and have a friend who recently returned from the trip with rave reviews – not only of what they saw but how they were treated throughout the experience. Definitely a worthwhile organization!

  • Mark Finnegan said:

    Thank you, Chris, for this very nice post about VetsRoll.

    Those VERY special ladies in your photo are (L-R) Beth Norton, Maretta, Miller, Brenda Matthews and Barb Braasch, who along with Marilyn Cooley and Becky Thompson made the full week, 400+ mile trek to Paducah, paying their own fuel, food and lodging, to display their beautiful Americana Quilt, to raise awareness (and funds) for our nationally unique program.

    Our May 21-24, 2017 journey will mark the 1525th Veteran and ‘Rosie-the-Riveter’ (from 32-different states) to make this 4-day trip, completely free of charge!

    Our VetsRoll Facebook page has more than 71,000 followers and we will be sharing your kind remarks! Thank you again…Mark Finnegan (Co-Founder of


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