Tutus and Soleless Sandals

Last week Sheila made an inspiring comment on my blog. I thought many of you would find it interesting, so here it is:

“Thanks for your weekly hints.  I’ve found them very helpful. Just finished laying out fabric for a number of mug rugs.  Great idea for friends instead of Xmas cards.  Will make a bunch now.  Then first week in Dec. we will deliver them.  Will take my grandfather’s string of brass bells his horses wore during the Christmas season and ring at the houses where we deliver mug rugs.”  

Thanks Sheila, for the great idea! Now on to this week’s blog post. It isn’t really about quilts, but includes ribbons, tulle, and beads. I hope you enjoy it!


This Summer, Sommer and I have had fun doing crafts. Both of the projects I’m sharing here were made with items quilters probably have on hand, or could easily find at a local craft store, and they were simple enough for a 4 year old (with help 😉 ).

The first was a tulle tutu.


You’ll need a piece of 1″ ribbon long enough to tie around a little girls waist with a big bow (set this piece aside); a roll of 6″ wide tulle in a pretty color, and a roll of 1″ wide ribbon to compliment the tulle in the skirt.

  • Measure the length you’d like the tutu and double that number. Cut 12 pieces each, of the tulle and the skirt ribbon, at that length.tulle tutu
  • Clamp the waist ribbon to a table at each end, or tie around chairs.
  • Fold a length of tulle in half and place around the child’s wrist.tulle tutu
  • Pull the tails under the ribbon and have the child grab them above the ribbon.tulle tutu
  • Now have the child simply pull the ends through the loop to make a “knot”.tulle tutu
  • Repeat for all the tulle and ribbon pieces, alternating as you go.

    tutu proud

    too-too proud!


The next week Sommer’s little brother, Trey, pulled something out of one of my drawers. It was a trip down memory lane, as my grandmother made these “soleless sandals” for me when I was in High School.


The second pair he grabbed came from the Sew We Go adventure Wendy and I made to Alaska. As we were preparing for our cruise of the Inside Passage, Wendy’s sister Heidi offered to share a beading project. We were thrilled, and it ended up being another version of this fun foot jewelry.

A-cruise 025

My grandmother’s were crocheted, but Heidi’s were made with strung beads. She was kind enough to bring all the supplies and a bunch of us had a great time making them.

I put them on and Sommer wanted a pair of her own. So I found some elastic thread and beads in my studio and she was off. She preferred working on the floor and spread out all the supplies. Then she began to put the beads onto the threaded needle:

kids foot jewelry

kids foot jewelry

Just watching her technique makes by back hurt, but she was content and finished her first one:

kids foot jewelry

Then, 4 beads into the second one, she pricked her finger. No blood, but the tears flowed freely and her “drama queen” side kicked into gear. She wanted me to finish it, but I remember my mom making sure I finished a project myself, to learn perseverance. So we put it aside, and the next day, with a little bit of encouraging, she jumped back on the horse – and here are the results:

Soleless sandals for Grandma and Sommer

There are many Youtube videos with lessons for “how to make foot jewelry, or toe thongs”. Here are just a few:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GHurNgGTyiQ , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FS98Z_8go0c

Please let me know if you make any for yourself, or share them with a child. I’d love to see pictures!

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