Seminole Borders

I’ve had the wonderful privilege to teach at the Madison Quilt Expo every year since it began. After each show I begin thinking of what new project or technique I should share the following year. While noodling on this after last year’s show an idea began to form. I learned to do Seminole patchwork back in the early 90’s. I hadn’t seen or heard much about it recently and thought it might be a good topic to revisit. I found 2 great books in my own collection and couldn’t wait to start playing with some of the patterns. The quilts I have to share at this time are just tops, three of which I’ve shared for various reasons in previous posts, but I’d like to point out the extra zip the Seminole style borders give to each piece.

Simple Seminole Border

Simple Seminole Border 2 – on all four sides of the center “square on point”

Seminole Braid Border

Straight Seminole Borders – top and bottom only

I shared my way of doing Simple Seminole with my Open Lab class at WCTC and some of the ladies jumped right into it. Three of them were kind enough to allow me to share these pictures:

Judy’s Simple Seminole border – it seems her cat approves!

Sue’s Simple Seminole border, done in short segments on all four sides.

And Laurie has used the technique on 2 bed sized quilts.

Simple Seminole using 5 strips

Simple Seminole using 3 strips (laid out, but not yet trimmed and sewn on)

I recently put together a 3 hour workshop on Seminole piecing and taught it at the Wisconsin Museum of Quilts and Fiber Art earlier this Summer. It was a hit! I’ll share pictures from the class and some background information on Seminole piecing in next week’s post.

5 Opinions

  • Mary Miller said:

    Enjoyed learning the technique in the class I took from you at WCTC.

  • Kim said:

    I did some Seminole piecing way back when…probably the 80’s…may still have a book. I remember it being fun to do, and love the idea of using it for quilt borders! Thanks for reviving it!

  • Laurie said:

    These Seminole borders are so fun and easy to make. It always amazes me on how different each one looks based on your color scheme.

    • Laurie said:

      Chris Kirsch is a fabulous teacher that always listens to what her students want to learn and then provides the instructions. Thanks Chris.

  • Jodi Grzeczka said:

    We had a lecture a few years ago at Quilt Guild, and I bought some of her “scraps”. I keep thinking I’ll do something like that, and haven’t yet. While shopping classes at Expo this year, I saw your class, and it was like a Sign from Heaven — I can’t wait to take your class!


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