The Wool Chicken… and the Rest of the Story!

wool chicken

Last weekend Mike and I decided to run away. We stayed at the Inn on Hillwind, a lovely Bed & Breakfast near Plymouth, WI.

Inn on Hillwind

It was charming, relaxing, and the breakfasts – superb! I enjoyed walking through the gardens each morning, as did this friendly kitty.


Plymouth has a wonderful Main Street for wandering. One of the shops we stopped into was called Fibbermcgee’s.


As we entered we were greeted by another kitty. This one was made of wool!


At each turn another fascinating, original wool creation greeted us. From critters to flowers, they were each unique and wonderful:

wool-frog wool-flowers wool-flowers-bird-bee wool critters and flowers

In the last room the previously pictured chicken clucked my name. I looked at the tag and discovered all of these wonderful hooked wool pieces were made by someone I knew!!! Joanne Zahorik traveled with Wendy and I to Ireland in 2010! She told us upfront she was not a quilter, but she traveled with a friend who was. She was a delightful addition to our trip, and even gave me a wool pumpkin pin (it was an Autumn tour of Ireland). What a small world! I contacted Joanne and she was happy to have me share her work, and spoke very highly of Sue, the owner of Fibbermcgee’s.

My new chicken friend (complete with hog scraper “feet”) is enjoying keeping company with the rest of my collection:


Thanks Joanne!

Quilt Expo Volunteer poster

3 Opinions

  • Jodi Grzeczka said:

    That is one cute chicken! As I branch out in my own quilt world, I am amazed at the different people I am running into over and over! Of course, all of them talented!

  • Cheryl Parker said:

    I love her bluebird! How cute!

  • Eileen Rozumialski said:

    Well hello to Joanne, from another Ireland tripper!!!! I remember the pumpkin pins and actually made one for myself when I got home!!! Can’t believe we didn’t share hooking back then. Good to see she’s keeping busy!

    Eileen Rozumialski


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