Buckboard Quilts – and a Deal Almost Too Good to be True!

In 2012 I did a post about a wonderfully generous woman named Judy Howard, and her efforts to feed hungry children via quilts. You can read that post at: http://chrisquilts.net/blog/?p=2701.

Since that time I’ve purchased a number of quilts from Judy, and donated a few too! Well, I’m in the process of putting together a new lecture (stay tuned for it’s unveiling  🙂 ), and I needed a few vintage quilts to make the talk more interesting. I went to Judy’s website: buckboardquilts.com , and found just what I was looking for. When I contacted Judy to order them she told me to write my check to the charity of my choice to feed needy children! I was amazed! The entire cost of the quilts went to the charity of my choice – and I got the deduction! This was something I needed to share. So I emailed Judy and asked her to share her story on my blog. Here it is:


“Since 1976, Judy Howard has owned and operated Buckboard Antique Quilts in Oklahoma City. Her love of quilts de­veloped while taking a class from nationally renowned fiber artist Terrie Mangat and antique quilts became her specialty. Julia Roberts, America’s sweetheart, likes to give Wedding Ring quilts when her family and friends marry. Jessica Lange and Dustin Hoffman are also celebrity clients, Dustin purchasing seventeen quilts while he was in town filming Rainman. Four of her quilts can be seen in the six week mini-series Alias Grace available on Netflix this fall.

Judy recently moved her shop home, open by appointment.  To celebrate her fortieth anniversary, she is giving away 200 antique quilts, tops, squares, vintage textiles and 400 small art quilts and her six books in exchange for tax deductible donations written to your charity of choice to feed needy children.”

And here’s a little about her books:

     “Heavenly Patchwork I and II and Centennial Stitches were awarded the Golden Seals as official Oklahoma Centennial Book Projects. Both Heavenly Patchwork I and II received Best Non Fiction Book awards. Thanking Our Troops—God Bless America Touring Quilts received 2nd Place in the Heartland New Day Book Fest.


And best seller 1905 Cookbook—Food for Body and Soul records our pioneer lifestyle through food, fun and fellowship.


Hot off the press is Judy’s Quirky to Modern Art Quilts—Hippie at Heart which is an inspiration for all quilters.


Judy now presents Quirky to Modern Art Quilts, Civil War and Madonnas Quilting on the Prairie Bed Turning Programs, which include fifty quilts dating back to 1837.


Judy’s latest projects include her Patriotic, Food for Body and Soul, Children—Hope for Tomorrow, Recycled/Repurposed, Quirky and Words to Live by Touring 22” Quilt Exhibits available for $100 rental.

To schedule a program, book signing, exhibit, see/purchase her quilts and books call 405-751-3885 or email . Write your check to the local food charity of your choice and take the tax deduction on 200 antique quilts on www.BuckboardQuilts.com and 400 small art quilts and her books on www.HeavenlyPatchwork.com .”


WOW! If you’re in the market for antique or small art quilts – this is the time to visit Buckboard Quilts. I also own her books and highly recommend them.

Next week I’ll be posting about my brand new lecture. It will have old quilts, contemporary quilts, fascinating stories and block patterns to share. I’m excited – I hope you are too! Stay tuned  😀 !


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