Madison Quilt Expo 2016


I think I say this every year, but the Madison Quilt Expo this past weekend was the best yet! There was something for everyone and it was all very well done. Thanks to everyone at Nancy’s Notions and Wisconsin Public Television for making this great event a reality.

I had the blessed opportunity to share my Border Boutique lecture each afternoon to the largest crowds I’ve ever had at Expo. I didn’t teach a hands on workshop this year, which gave me much more time to enjoy the show. And enjoy it – I did!

If you want to see loads of great pictures of the quilts, vendors and events from the show, you can go to the Quilt Expo Facebook page at:

I always like to share things from the show that you may not see on other sites, such as me getting a hug from Bucky,


when the UW marching band made a surprise visit! You never know what you’ll see at Expo!


While looking at the quilts I ran into May. A while back she learned my drafting technique for the Mariner’s Compass and, while spending time with her grandchildren, decided to make a necklace using Shrinky Dinks™. I love it! It may have to be my next grandma/Sommer project.


There was a special exhibit of quilts that I found particularly interesting. It was a group of quilts from a challenge held by my friend Kim Lapacek. I did a blog post about her passion for quilting last year (click here to read that post). Here’s the challenge info:


This large and exciting exhibit filled a long hallway at Expo, and were arranged in spectral order. I noticed that one of the monthly inspiration blocks was the Monkey Wrench. You may remember a “New Quilt From an Old Favorite” Monkey Wrench quilt I made with my friend, Sharon Rotz, a few years back.

Quilt - Two Friends Monkeying Around

It measures 60″ square, and contains telescoping monkey wrench blocks, quilted with more block outlines and trapunto monkeys chasing each other around with wrenches (you’ll have to look closely to find them).


Well, a few of the challenge monkey wrench quilts had similarities to ours and they made me smile:

monkey-wrench5 monkey-wrench4 monkey-wrench3 monkey-wrench2 monkey-wrench1


It was great to reconnect and spend time with many friends. Thanks especially to my dear friend, fellow teacher, and roommate, Laura Krasinski. She always makes everything extra fun.


And I’d like to close this post with a picture of the Viewer’s Choice award winner from this year’s show:”He Who Guides Me” by Mary Buvia of Carmel, Indiana. "He Who Guides Me" by Mary Buvia

It was inspired by a picture her husband painted. Awesome!

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  • Louise Sundquist said:

    I love the viewer’s choice award. In today’s world, seeing a depiction of Jesus death and resurrection warms my heart. A reminder to us all of Christ’s love for us.

  • Judi said:

    WOW, I NEVER reply to any type of posting, but I was compelled to do so now. It is not only beautiful, but the fact that it was the viewers choice award recipient with so many restrictions on what is now deemed acceptable…Well, it is just heartwarming. Well done, Mary!!

  • Bonnie Camp said:

    Beautiful choice award. I missed that one. Wish that the voting slip would have let me list at least 5 numbers and not just 1. You look great with Bucky, Chris.

  • Laura Krasinski said:

    The best part of Expo is spending time with you.. I’m so glad that quilt won viewers choice it was soooo beautiful. Can’t wait til next year!

  • Laurie N said:

    My heart is bursting with joy just looking at all these quilts. Especially the Viewers Choice Award. I’m so excited to visit my daughter in Carmel, IN and I’m going to try and connect with Mary and her painter husband. They are inspirational. My daughter would love to know them.
    My son-in-law’s sisters quilt back in their hometown of Allentown PA so I can’t wait to show him these quilts to share with his family. Thank you for sharing.

  • Linda Koller said:

    I am so happy this quilt won the Viewers Choice Award. It was the quilt that had that “WOW” factor for me. I enjoyed your Borders lecture very much. Thank you for letting Indy and I sit up front where I could see everything. Love your borders. You definately think outside the box and have ideas I would never have thought of. Thank you.


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