Tree Skirts and Cookie Covers

Last Christmas I shared a story in my blog that has become one of my favorites. It was entitled “Cookie Nana and the Seven Tree Skirts”. Here is a picture from that post of Connie with one of her tree skirts.

doily tree skirts

It really is a delightful story (to read it click here), and this year she’s agreed to let me share a continuation of that story, and a lovely Christmas project idea she got from her mom. So here’s “the rest of the story”:

When Connie gave the seven doily tree skirts to her grandchildren last year, her two children were a little put out that they didn’t receive one. So this year she worked on two more skirts in class. The following pictures were taken as they were in progress. She made her kids “non-doily” tree skirts of her own design. For her daughter, who lives in Ohio, she made an Ohio Star skirt.


And for her son she made a Lemoyne star variation, because she’d always wanted to make the Lemoyne Star block.


Stunning! I’m sure they were very much appreciated!

So now for the project:

During show and tell at my Thursday Open Lab, Connie told the group that her mom had a unique cover she used to put over her Christmas cookies when they were placed on a serving platter. Instead of putting each type of cookie away in separate containers after the meal (or in my mind, to keep sneaky fingers away when the cookie plate is ready, but the guests haven’t arrived before the meal), she covered the whole plate with a pretty, quilted Christmas circle, “lined” with plastic.

quilted cookie cover

Connie used two sided, pre-quilted fabric, finished off with a binding.

cookie-cover-side-1 quilted cookie cover

And with a button on each side. She then made a buttonhole in a circle of clear plastic.


She buttons the liner to the quilted circle.


And the side with the plastic goes face down on the cookie plate.


What a great idea! Connie chose to use the button/buttonhole idea so she could alternate the different sides of the quilted circle, but simply sewing the quilted circle and the plastic circle together with a button on the outside to lift by, would work just fine. And quilting your own pretty fabric would add variety (pre-quilted fabric selection is limited).

I liked the idea so much I asked her if I could put it on the blog. Imagine my surprise when she gifted me a cookie cover of my very own at our class Christmas party this week! Thank you Connie – you are a blessing to me  😀 !


And a parting picture. We’ve had at least 3 major snow storms already this year and it is beautiful!

This morning my car thermometer showed it was -4° on my way to church. Winter has certainly arrived in Wisconsin! Stay warm and enjoy this lovely season of giving.

2 Opinions

  • Thank you, Carolyn said:

    Thanks to you and Connie for the Christmas cookie cover idea and thanks for the wintry snow scene, too! 🌲🍪🎄

  • Susan A said:

    Thanks for the ideas…..and the beautiful snow picture….I grew up in snow country Buffalo NY …and don’t see so much on Long Island….
    Your swag enhances the Christmas vibe….thanks again and blessings to you and yours


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