Goose Oops!

Double oops! Sorry for the error. Please click here for the January 7th post – “Sew We Go to Hawaii”!


Here’s Goose Oops!

Before I admit to a recent mistake, I have to share what happened this past Wednesday. My parents called and asked if they could come over to visit with Sommer and Trey (and Mike and me too, but the great grandkids take priority 🙂 ). Well, Mom brought me not one, but four spool pin doilies she had made since last week’s post! (click here to visit that post). She said the pattern on the site I linked to in the blog worked well. She’s the best!


Now for my true confession post! When I was quilting my Silly Goose quilt, I really got into the free motion groove.

flying geese variation

Then I turned it over to look at the back and, I’m sure you’ve never done this, but… a picture is worth a thousand words.


I’d been meaning to move that scrap pile farther from the machine, but I hadn’t, so that scrap mocked me and crawled under the quilt in a densely quilted area, dead center in the quilt back. There was too much spiraling to want to remove it. Since necessity is the mother of invention – it was time to be inventive.

Are you ready for my solution?





After all, a quilt does need a label  😀 ! And who says it has to be at the bottom?


And one more related bit: This past week I had the great pleasure of teaching for the Heritage Quilters Guild of Lockport, IL. I presented my Tradition With a Twist lecture and an all day workshop on Architectural Repliqué. Each time I teach this class I make a block along with the group (click here for more on those blocks). I’ve made over 80 blocks while teaching this class, and I’m getting a little whacky in my fabric choices. Usually I grab whatever fabric is still laying around from a recent project. This time I chose the stack leftover from Silly Goose. Here’s the block:

I just had to add a line of geese flying behind the house. Thanks ladies for a wonderful time with your guild!

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  • bobbiequilts said:

    Chris, It was so much fun in your class and then seeing your presentation. What inspiration you are to all of us! P.S. I look forward to your blog posts every week! Thanks for your willingness to share your talents!

  • Barb said:

    I went back and looked at the old post. So glad I did I don’t remember seeing it before. You need to make a quilt.

  • Nancy Hansen said:

    Quilting the scrap to the back gave me a chuckle. I’m not very good about clearing my area, so it happens too often.

  • Dorothy said:

    I hate to say it but I had a good chuckle myself reading your post. Sometimes I think things like that only happen to me. I’m glad to know it’s not just me. I love the quilt though it’s beautiful

  • Jackie Iannarelli said:

    I think you should of had a kite caught in the tree to commemorate the kite caught on the back of your quilt.Your story made me laugh too.

  • Miriam Bolton said:

    Would love to join a guild when my life slows down. You were about 15 minutes from my house at Lockport!

  • mari-jo young said:

    yep I’ve sewn a few things to the back of my quilts, including my sewing machine’s quick reference guide! good recovery! always label your quilts!

  • Sue said:

    You are lucky the scrap of fabric stayed to the back of your quilt. I had a small 3″ piece of ribbon that got under my quilt but it got wound around
    the bobbin case. My machine stopped. I could not see it. Had to take it to the repair service man at the cost of $30.00. Which was minor of what it could have been.


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