Evelyn’s Latest Crossings Quilt

When my friend, Evelyn, sent me the 4-patch block she’d made for my birthday, she also sent a picture of her most recent project. It’s a “Crossings” quilt she calls “Market Day”. I love it. The uneven chunks and asymmetry are so appealing!

Batik Quilt Evelyn Link

I asked her the story and here it is 🙂 :

“This quilt started with no plan. A friend and I bought a group of colorful African prints. I decided to make a bargello piece with mine, but didn’t know what to do with it.

I found one of my Bali batik pictures that had colors that looked good with it. 

I put two borders on the picture, then I centered it on the bargello, but it was too large and covered up too much of it.

I belong to an art quilt guild called the Mavericks and occasionally they have a meeting called “What Can I Do with This Mess?” I took the two pieces to see what they could come up with. The first suggestion was to take one border off the picture, then to place it off center. Another person suggested I “do that bead thing”—I had done a demo of Chris’ bead crossings technique at our Round Table program.

I stiffened the batik picture by putting Timtex™ in it, finished it off with black piping, but felt I needed a couple more pieces to put the beads around to balance it. After I cut out two more pieces, I realized my hanging sleeve would show through behind the beads on the top one, so I added another piece at the top and put it on with beads.

This gave me a place to repeat the fish motif, so it grew and changed some more.

I often start with a definite plan for a quilt that may change some as I go. This one is an example of having no idea how it would evolve, but adjusting to make it work as I progressed.

It will go into the Arizona Quilt Guild show in March.  Thank you, thank you for sharing your techniques.”

Thanks Evelyn, for sharing the story of your fascinating quilt! I’m sure it was a hit in Tucson!

That last part was very interesting, because many of my fiber art pieces begin and progress in just this way. I always like to say “the quilt tells me what to do next”! And having a meeting entitled “What Can I Do With This Mess” sounds like a wonderful idea for a guild program!

If anyone would like to try my beaded “Crossings” technique, the instructions, along with lots of step-by-step pictures, can be found in my book “Where Do I Start With Fiber Art”. Click here to order your own copy  🙂 !

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