A Beach Quilt

A while ago I presented a program for Common Threads Quilt Guild in Sussex, WI. One of the quilters in attendance was a woman named Colleen. During show & tell she shared a delightful “Row by Row” quilt.

beach quilt

When she showed me the back of the quilt, I knew I wanted to share it on my blog. Here’s the story, in her own words, and two pictures of the back:

I belong to the Ties That Bind Quilt Guild that meets in West Bend, WI.
Last year, we had a Row by Row challenge where each participant chose a
theme and put their own fabric in a box after making the first row.  I
chose a beach theme because I had purchased fabric several years ago while
visiting my aunt in North Carolina that made me think of beaches and I
wanted to use it.  After the quilt went around to all of the participants,
I put it together and put a border on it. The bottom row was the one with
the flip flops.  After completing the top, I decided that it looked a bit
like a postcard and I thought that I would label the back of the quilt like
it was a giant postcard. 

beach quilt back

I used leftover letters that I had cut out for a
craft project at Girl Scout Camp a few years ago.  Chris, I swear I
measured the top!  However, somehow, while I was quilting it on the
longarm, I realized that I had much more back than I did top.  Usually that
wouldn’t matter, but since I had writing on the back, I couldn’t just cut
it off.  I decided to go back to the sewing machine and make another row.
I added the title of the quilt to that row “Life’s a Beach” and sewed it to
the quilt while it was on the longarm. 

It was a fun quilt to make and I really enjoyed seeing what the other members came up with.  It is one of my favorite quilts.”


I love the way she labeled the back in a post card style. Notice how the place and date are in the “post mark”!

Thanks Colleen, for letting me share your quilt. The back is so clever and I love hearing about your process for problem solving!

If anyone out there has a Row-by-row you’d like to share, please email me a picture at chris@chrisquilts.net. If you’d like to include a story, that would be icing on the cake  🙂 !

Wishing you a blessed Resurrection Sunday – He is risen indeed!

4 Opinions

  • Mary Miller said:

    So clever!

  • MariLynn Bergmark said:

    Our “friendly undertaker” always said,” If you make a mistake, make it look like you planned it that way”. He was especially referring to carrying the casket down our winding church steps—–and if it was dropped and slid down the steps to the herse—–“We planned it that way”! So it goes in the “Quilt World”, there are no mistakes——“We planned it that way”!
    MariLynn Bergmark from your recent visit to Lockport’s Heritage Quilt Guild.

  • Laurie Neubauer said:

    I was at that quilt guild meeting with you and Colleen. I was thrilled to see Colleen’s quilts, too.
    Turns out Colleen and I worked together at the Brookfield Library for years. During Those years she bought her long arm quilting machine and my king size quilt was her first completed project. She did a beautiful job and my daughter loves that quilt.
    She is one of the most creative and talented women I know, next to you Chris.
    Thanks for sharing this fun and fascinating quilt story…Laurie

  • Rosie Ulmer said:

    Chris……..we also made “row by row” quilts, during the time we had classes with you. Many memories. Some of those quilters have left us for a better place. Rosie


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