A Divas Barn

A short while ago I received a comment to my blog from a quilter named Michelle. She wrote that she belonged to a group that had a challenge in which they made not one, but two slice quilts from the same picture. Since I’ve participated in two slice quilts: the Jennings Homestead (click here to read that post)

Jennings Quilt

and Garden of Grace (click here to read that post),

I was intrigued and wrote back asking to hear all about it. Here’s the story:

“A very special group of women, aptly named The Divas, have been coming together for almost 10 years to share in the joy of art quilting. A “small group” born out of the local guild, where the names and faces have changed over the years– gather once a month to share, explore new techniques, expand quilting knowledge and critique each others work in a loving and fun way. Typically, at least one challenge a year is agreed upon to push their creativity and spark growth as a quilter and as an artist. The most recent– a “Slice Project” was chosen. This is quickly becoming a popular group project for many as it takes any quilter on an inspirational journey! A photo is chosen and literally divided into portions according to the number of quilters. For the Divas, a simple photo of a barn was selected. Then, they separated the members into 2 groups- one of 6 and one of 5. For the first, the photo was divided vertically into 6 straight strips. For the latter- they actually turned it into 5 puzzle pieces! The perimeters were straightforward– with full reign to make a quilt with any color or texture. Interpretation was flexible and items in the photo could be deleted or added. The few requirements were that any included lines that ran into the next slice must match up and the bindings were to be the same. Hence, as seen in these pictures– an old barn magically became two amazing and unique pieces of artwork that are truly breathtaking.”

Slice Quilts Barn

Aren’t they beautiful? I especially like the puzzle pieces. The Divas are located in Fort Collins, CO and, in order to give credit where credit is due, here are the names of the Divas who participated in this challenge: Charlotte Jackson, Judy Donaldson, Julie Bortz Wilson, Nola Stone, Pam Peterson, Lesli Singer, Judy Beach, Becky Judson, Cecilia Milano, Michelle Cerise, and Kimberley Shootman

Thank you ladies, for sharing your lovely quilts with us.

4 Opinions

  • Miriam Bolton said:

    I would love to see each artist complete the picture as one piece using their own personal techniques just expanding it across the entire picture. There would be 6 very different quilts of the same picture!

  • Pat Patoka said:

    Yes they are very pretty and unique you know it makes one try something out of comfort zone Pat

  • Jodi Grzeczka said:

    Wow! They are both fabulous! Makes me want to join your group! (But it would be a bit of a trek!)


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