Fabric of Survival

My friend Nina emailed me shortly after reading about the Sister City challenge on my blog. In her email she wrote about two topics I think you’ll find interesting. The first was related to the post I did concerning the exhibit of Rumi O’brien’s story quilts in Madison (please click here to read that post). Here’s what Nina had to say:

“Last week’s piece about Rumi struck a chord.  I am hoping to get to Madison. And…I want to let you know about another exhibit of story quilts if you haven’t already heard about it. It is called “Fabric of Survival,” 36 quilted and embroidered pieces created by a Holocaust survivor when she was 50 to show her daughters what her life in Europe was like. They will be at the Jewish Museum Milwaukee , opening Thursday night Feb 16 through May 26.  Here is a link about it: 
Nina did send me a copy of the book about Esther’s quilts.
The quilts are fascinating, and the needlework – amazing! Here are just two from the collection:
To see all of the quilts go to: http://artandremembrance.org/galleries/fabric-of-survival/
A group of us from my Open Lab class drove down to the museum this past Thursday to see Esther’s quilts and hear Nina present a talk entitled “Diversity in Cloth: Culture and Catharsis”.
The quilts were outstanding and really need to be seen “in the cloth”. Nina’s lecture was very interesting and informative. It was a delightful evening.

Another item Nina shared in her email to me was triggered by the mention of the sister cities quilt challenge between Madison, WI and Freiberg, Germany (please click here to read that post). This is a portion of that email:

“I have to say, the blog about your challenge with the two other cities caught my eye.  Freiberg is near the place my father was a GI prisoner of war, and the town his rescuers were born in.  They met at a farm near Brand-Ebersdorf (on the map just south of Freiberg) and remained best friends for life. I went there in 2013.  I can’t recall if my father’s book came out while I was still trekking to Waukesha? If not, you may find it interesting.  Let me know, and I will send it to you.  The book has grown legs, and I have been invited to groups (churches, libraries, community groups etc) to speak about it all over the country. It is in part a book about faith, and choosing to do the right thing in the wrong place.  Maybe up your alley.”

I was not familiar with the book about Nina’s father, so she sent me a copy, and I read it in 2 nights – I literally couldn’t put it down. It is an amazing story. I highly recommend it!

Thank you, Nina, for your friendship and the information you shared!

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